Welcome to the Pythagorean theorem. How intuitive proof of the Pythagorean theorem, we will introduce simple. The first "Pythagorean theorem" is the basic pattern of the proof of the theorem about right triangles prove two sides are equal. The following "Pythagorean theorem" is a general pattern of the proof of the theorem proved for the base and the height of a right triangle is different. The famous Pythagoras says "The universe is composed Number!". In fact, "Pythagorean theorem" is all mathematical, almost all areas of logic must be physical, we are inherent. Existence of the universe in all, it stays Ga如Ku France. Indeed, worthy of Pythagorean theorem "mystical" is. Difficult to argue before everybody, let's understand the basic principles firmly. So, once to die, "Pythagorean theorem" let's prove. Finally, "Pythagorean theorem" in general the underlying logic of mathematical physics will be explained as an example of the Cartesian rectangular coordinates. For Rene Descartes to represent waves in Cartesian coordinates and Cartesian coordinates for the Pythagorean theorem ③ ② ① right triangle and rectangular coordinates for the "dualism of mind and matter". Spirit and matter are two separate entities, the nature of the mind "thinking" and the essence of an object is "spread" is. The nature of the object, and not by the senses, the mind is known. In other words, "I think, therefore we" is. Here, the Cartesian "dualism of the horizontal and vertical" when considered to be "the spirit of horizontal thinking" by the "material consequences of the vertical axis" and it is known, the idea that origin, "I think, therefore we" thinking principle, which suggests that it dwells. Cartesian analysis of the underlying (system) when you learn that your own intuition to grab this genius of Descartes, it would be very important. Descartes Discourse on Method] [copyright in accordance with the rules of four, split into small pieces as possible and I think the problem ○. (Analysis) and complex things start to reach the simplest ○. (Overall) than those admitted to be true and clear proofs for ○, never accept it. (Clear signs) or any 見落Tosanakatta ○, review it all. (Enumeration / examination) are taking the approach based on recognition. Therefore, the concept seems to be natural, and we have a logical reconstruction. By the way, Descartes, and Catholic believers, truth is the same as Newton mystics. Masonic Newton, Leibniz Rose Cross. Unitarian Newton, Leibniz, "The world monad", one is believed the Cartesian dualism of mind and matter who, "I think, therefore we" are, actually, thinking (consciousness) is due to a monism. Moreover, Descartes is often thought to be reductionist, rather than a simple reduction in principle, "who knows reductionist orthogonal structure" that is. "Pythagorean Theorem" to "Fourier series" was discussed "the principle of Fourier" (300 yen), and will be uploaded in June 2011. Not surprisingly, the wave trigonometric functions (circular functions) by adding together, and what can fit? Fun is the future. I'm also with lovely animations. Now ※, animation has been published, and the finger can move. While moving your body is very important to learn dynamically.

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