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Records to be read, and reading books. Score book's rating calculation, calculation of the rating of the series. Global rating listed in the program book. With BookRating you always know which book you should read next. The more you read and appreciated the book, the better the program will build rating books.

Evaluating the book you read to simultaneously evaluate the author and the series to which this book.
Global rating of each book consists of assessment books, rating, rating series and the position of the book in the series. In terms of weight, an assessment of the book (45%), followed by evaluation of the author (~ 27%), the series (~ 19%) and the position in the series (~ 9%). When entering into the base of unread books, you can put it to estimate taken from a site or forum dedicated to books. Later, after reading it, you put a personal assessment of the book. The more you read and appreciate books, the more accurate will be issued a global rating of the book.

Thus, the top ranking will always be books that are worth reading in the first place, and the least interesting books can be left for later, or not to read, that will save you time (and the [time] is not always enough).
When calculating the rating formula used cloud that allows you to find the balance between the number of positive ratings and the uncertainty of a small number of observations. Ie will not be a situation where the author has two "5" - will rank higher than by having, for example, 20 evaluations and not necessarily positive. Ie this rating without flaws rating using the arithmetic mean.

The application is not considered complete. The author hopes that your feedback will help to further improve the application. (Unfortunately work on the project is suspended because of the employment of the developer. Presumably 2015)

Location: Russian, English.

What is not in the application
- This is not a book reader, and she never will be.
- Books are added manually (works on load descriptions of books from popular services)

Functionality planned for implementation in a future release:
- Add localization to different countries (Your suggestions are welcome)
- Add the ability to specify the dependence of the book, for example, to read a book after another book. Necessary if the characters in a series of adventures consistently painted on several books.
- Is it possible to do automatic downloading from internet rating, series and books. Before you read it and appreciated.
- Optimize the performance of individual functions

Content rating: Everyone

Requires OS: 2.2 and up

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