Chinese Couplet 對聯大全
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Couplet, Blair said couplets, commonly known pairs. Couplet art is cultural treasure of the Chinese nation. Species into couplets couplet about, like United, life together, elegiac couplet, decorative together, linking industry, communication and miscellaneous associated with (including linked humorous ....) and so on. Couplet text of varying lengths, short, only one or two words; up to a few hundred words long. Couplet various forms, there is on the opposition, running water, together ball right, set the sentence peer. But no matter what kind of couplets, what form, but must have the following characteristics:
To a number of words equal to punctuate the same. In addition to deliberately vacated position of a word in order to achieve a certain effect, the words must be the same up and down together, but not too much.
Second, we must ze consistency, tuneful. Traditional practice is "Zeqi fall flat," that is, the end of the last sentence of the word associated with the oblique tones, the end of the last sentence of the second line with the word level tone.
Third part of speech relative to the same location. Generally known as "virtual to virtual, real for real," is the term for nouns, verbs to verbs, adjectives adjectives, quantifiers quantifiers, adverbs adverbs, and word must be in the same relative position.
Fourth, we need relevant, up and down the convergence. Meaning down together must join each other, but can not repeat.
In addition, the display of the couplet, traditional practices must also write vertical stick from right to left, top to bottom, can not be reversed. Closely related with the couplet Streamer can be said that the subject of the couplet, also the center of couplets. In good couplet Streamer can play a finishing touch, complementary roles.

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