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Persuasive speaking is the practice of communicating with an audience in order to accomplish specific outcomes and goals. Desired outcomes vary from person to person. Sometimes a person may want to change another person’s existing beliefs about a subject. Other times, a person may want his or her audience to take an action such as buying a product.

No matter what your specific goals are, persuasive speaking can help you reach them. At the core of persuasion is change. Without change, there is no persuasion. And without change, influence is impossible to achieve.

When we persuade someone, we are introducing a specific change into the equation. But a person effectively using persuasive speech is able to reduce or eliminate the natural resistance that people have to change.

Remember, humans were designed to resist or fight change because change threatens the existing balance of their lives. Our ancient ancestors learned early on that change can bring many problems and that it should be resisted because it’s better to adapt to current conditions instead of having to deal with new variables and conditions.

The art of persuasion

Persuasive speech, or simply persuasion, is a type of communication which aims to introduce change at a personal or group level. The art of persuasion can be learned by anyone, which is why it’s the perfect time for you to learn persuasive speech yourself.

Why is persuasion important? People typically move through life with a purpose. We are always working toward specific life and career goals. Accomplishing these goals will be that much easier if we’re able to persuade people to help us. Imagine being able to facilitate the manifestation of your goals through simple speech.

Persuasive speech can be used in any field, too. So whether you are a doctor, salesman, lawyer, or teacher, persuasive speech will have its special uses for you. Another great thing about persuasion is that it is actually a skill.

And just like any other skill, persuasion can be taught and learned. You can also practice persuasion on a daily basis so you can eventually master it. The more you practice persuasive speech, the better you become. The more time you put into persuasive speech, the better the results are, too.

Persuasion not only requires your personal mastery of the skill, but also your ability to set intentions. Persuasion without intention is like driving without a destination in mind. The first thing that you need before you can become persuasive is to have a particular intention. Why do you want to persuade the other person in the first place? What do you want to achieve?

Once you have identified your intention, you can proceed to shaping the persuasive component. How will you be able to introduce change without meeting resistance? How will you frame your argument so that the other person will see things from your point of view? These are only a few of the things that you will learn from your own study of persuasive speech.

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