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Updated King James Version Bible

It is an update of archaic words and certain expressions in the Authorized King James Version. This is done using software known only as the “Translator”. The program searches the entire text of the KJV and replaces words that are archaic and old expressions taken from a special dictionary. This dictionary contains words that are selected by ‘contextual’ comparison that are done manually by examining the original Hebrew/Greek words in the Strong’s concordance.

In fact, the Updated KJV is NOT a new translation. It’s retains the unique structure of the KJV English and makes it easier to read and understand by replacing words and phrases that are hard/archaic in nature.

Total changes made as a result of “Translator” are LESS than 6% of the Authorized KJV. Surprisingly this amount was enough to produce a decent update of the KJV and at the same time retains the flow and uniqueness of the English structure that is found in the KJV.

Why another English translation?
An excellent project that provides free version based on the ASV has given the answer to this question. To Quote Michael Paul Johnson (World English Bible): -
”That is a good question. There are more than 40 English translations of the
Holy Bible. Unfortunately, all of them are either (1) archaic (like the KJV
and ASV of 1901), or (2) covered by copyright restrictions that prevent
unrestricted free posting on the internet or other media (like the NIV and
NASB). The Bible in Basic English (BBE) was in the Public Domain in the USA
(but not all countries) for a while, but its copyrighted status was restored
by GATT. (The BBE used a rather restricted subset of English, anyway,
limiting its accuracy and readability.)In other words, there is NO OTHER
complete translation of the Holy Bible in normal Modern English that can be
freely copied (except for some limited "fair use") without payment of

Content rating: Everyone

Requires OS: 1.6 and up

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