More Mutant Creatures Mod
1.0 Varies with device
The spider mutant looks awful! The snowman will turn the land into snow and ice wherever he goes.

There are several different mutant skeletons. All of them are almost twice as large as the original skeleton, and they are also much stronger.

Mutant skeletons can ride a mountain. Here you can see them riding a mutant spider.

In one of the latest updates of the four-legged creeper, a pig beetle and several other mutants were added.

In addition to these mobs, there are a few others. You can find them in the list of spawn eggs further or discover them for yourself in the game.

Battle Mobs
One thing that is really funny is watching the mutants fight each other. At the moment it seems that this is only a mutant snow golem who will start fights. But this definitely adds an extra level of pleasure.
Spawn Egg IDs
Mutant Zombie (2000)
Mutant Husk (2001)
Mutant Villager (2002)
Mutant Spider (2003)
Zombie Giant (2004)
Mutant Skeleton (2005)
Mutant Wither Skeleton (2006)
Mutant Stray (2007)
Mutant Creeper (2008)
Mutant Cow (2009)
Mutant Pig (2010)
Mutant Iron Golem (2011)
Mutant Snow Golem (2012)
Mutant Zombie Pigman (2013)
Mutant Enderman (2014)
Mutant Wolf (2015)
Zombie Villager Original (2016)
Green Zombie Villager (2017)
Skeleton Jockey (2018)
Wither Skeleton Jockey (2019)
Stray Jockey (2020)
Item IDs & Info
Mutant Sword (2110) – 1 chemical liquid + 1 diamond sword + 3 obsidian chunk
Mutant Wither Skeleton’s Sword (2111) – 2 chemical liquid + 1 stone sword + 1 cobblestone + 1 skeleton mob head OR dropped by mutant wither skeletons
Mutant Zombie Pigman’s Sword (2112) – 2 chemical liquid + 1 golden sword + 1 obsidian chunk + 4 iron ingots + 1 raw porkchop OR dropped by mutant zombie pigman’s
Obsidian Chunk (2103) – dropped by mutant skeletons
Chemical Liquid (2104) – dropped by mutant monsters
Bottle of Chemical (2105) – 4 chemical x + 1 glass bottle (info: used for crafting Chemical X)
Chemical X (2100) – 4 obsidian + 1 potion OR 4 obsidian chunk + 1 bottle of chemical (info: can be used on zombies, spiders etc to mutate them!)
Iron Chemical X (2101) – 1 pumpkin head + 1 chemical x + 3 iron ingots
Snow Chemical X (2102) – 1 pumpkin head + 1 chemical x + 3 snowballs

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