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Assalamualaikum ...

Islam has thousands of words of wisdom, every word is derived from the pearl Islamic Prophet Muhammad, his companions and the great scholars.

Words pearl of Islam can be a teacher or a reference to each of us want to do something. By reading every word pearl of Islam, the motivation and the spirit of us to menjani day - the day will be easier because we will always remember to Allah and always wanted to do good. In addition, we will also be guided on the way - the right way and in ridhai by the Almighty.

For those of you who need a proper Islamic Conditioning, maybe all of a series of words can remind you, about who you really are and to what life in the world.

Content Application Islamic Pearls:
1. The word pearl of Islam of the Prophet Muhammad.
2. The word pearl of the Friends of the Prophet of Islam.
3. The word Islam from Imam Baqir pearl U.S.
4. The word pearl Islam of Imam Ja'far U.S.
5. The word pearl of Islam from Bediuzzaman Said Nursi.
6. The word pearl other great scholars of Islam.

And we will add more words mutiara- other Islamic proverb.

The advantages of this application are all Content Aphorisms this Islamic existing, can be copied and distributed to all the people you know through social media, sms, or group chat on your smartphone.

Hopefully all the words of this wise Islamic nan can strengthen our faith in Allah SWT. May every step of our life can be a pearl to others, whether

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