Call me maybe?
Music Future Ltd
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Dear Groupon,

Want daily deals that will sell?
Come on and give me a yell
We know that we can do well
So call me back today

If you're wondering who we are
We've just launched Purely Guitar
Best music software by far
So call me back today

Our deal sold before, and
We want to sell some more, just
Need to get our foot in the door
So how we gonna get there baby?

Hey, this app's for you
Might seem crazy
Just wanna get through
So call me maybe

We aced it last time
The sales went crazy
So here's my number
So call me maybe!

0843 886 0782


We really want to work with Groupon for our NEW product, Purely Guitar. But no one will call us back!. Come on, Groupon - we're waiting by the phone!

We're so keen, we've made this App just for you.

Purely Guitar
0843 886 0782

Content rating: Everyone

Requires OS: 2.2 and up

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