DGO (Déjà vu Order Management)
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DGO ( Déjà vu Order Management ) takes orders from its customers has never been easier .

Tired of having to make a note of your orders on pieces of paper that will probably be lost ? Having to switch applications just to sengrare a quick note ?

Now with the new application " Déjà vu order management " you can take customer orders in any situation.
With the DGO you can take orders at the counter to the table by a customer in the store, in short, everywhere.
With DGO you can manage your products and prices, check payments from your customers, add a new order, interface for managing your notes with the ability to edit and delete agigunta all in a single application at hand for your Smartphones .

How it works:
When you start the app to make the defe reggistrazzione with user name and password.
The menu consists of a 3x3 grid .
The first icon allows the display of all customers, with their respective account and the status of payment ( whether paid or not).
The second icon allows , after the selection of a client, to display its menu .
The third icon is used to take an order , whether it is a new customer simply enable the addition of the customer with the checkbox and enter the name of the client, otherwise simply choose an existing customer.
After selecting the client will appear a screen with 7 icons including 6 categories of products and the remainder icon is used to confirm the order. ( categories of products are identified with food icons as the DGO was born to the destione a bartavola hot ) .
The fourth icon allows you to record a payment, after entering the password, the app will present to you the amount payable . After payment raises the possibility of being able to completely eliminate the customer list or simply empty his orders.
The fifth app need to be able to fund our work and allow us updates more and more effective, with financing with simple download.
The sixth icon accesses allinterfaccia notes where you have the freedom of being able to create delete or modify seplicemente read the notes which you own pace.
The seventh icon allows you to access the settings, which enclose essentially the management of the database with the possibility of being able to change password elemendi delete or add to the categories.
The eighth icon simply closes the applicazine safely .

What to add ? A management application seplice and effective.
DGO order for the future of a business.

The immages and references contained in this application are to be free or under a free license CREATIVE COMMON ( see http://creativecommons.it).

In case, however, even if in good faith, this application should in any way contain harmful materials and references of the copyright laws or violate, in good faith, in any manner the right held by third parties, please contact un for their immediate removal at : emin.demiri.app@gmail.com
Special thanks to www.ohmyicons.com for providing us with the new icon.

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Content rating: Everyone

Requires OS: 2.1 and up

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