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Gravity allows organizations to easily report faults with their distributed assets and streamline the process of notifying the relevant organizations.

How does it work?

Let's say one of your staff members notices a fault with one of your assets...

* The staff member uses the Gravity mobile app to report the fault.

* An email report is automatically sent to your "asset co-ordinator" who then makes a "fix" / "don't fix" judgment call.

* If the asset needs fixing, the co-ordinator uses the Gravity's web interface to on-share the report to the organization entrusted with fixing the fault.

* That organization receives the email report and either actions it themselves, or on-shares it etc.

* The information contained in the Gravity report is used to fix the asset!

The beauty of Gravity is that it takes a simple "stream"-like approach to issue reporting.

Gravity does not attempt to control the life-cycle of your assets -- you probably have existing solutions for this already. Rather, we have designed Gravity to make it easy for you to capture information about the problem asset and distribute it easily and quickly to the right people.

Our aim is not to overhaul your business processes, but rather massively streamline them. We have taken a light-weight approach that works seemlessly across multiple organizations.

The benefits of using Gravity:

* Takes a stream-like approach to asset reporting, rather than a heavy-weight, complete life-cycle solution.

* Very simple fault reporting via Gravity Android/iPhone app.

* Uses email as the primary method of notification -- doesn't impose proprietary processes on you nor your contractors.

* Runs on your existing infrastructure -- Gravity runs on Android and iPhone devices as well as in the web browser.

* Plays nicely with your contractors -- you do not have to convince your contractors to adopt yet another practice nor overhaul their business processes.

* Works from Day Zero -- as soon as you install and create an account on Gravity, you can start using it to report faults.

NB: You need an account to start using Gravity. Enquire here:

Content rating: Low Maturity

Requires OS: 4.0 and up

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