BrownPaper Calculator F
Software Horsetrailer
3.1.0 Varies with device

This simple calculator comes in a brown paper wrapper but can be dressed up to personalize its appearance to the user’s own style. Users can create their own versions of buttons, banners and save these to the "Download" folder to customize the appearance.
BrownPaper now has inbuilt Backgrounds, Banners and Buttons. Users can still provide their own which will take precedence over the inbuilt equivelents.

The following features can be set by the user saving files to the download folder of the phone/tablet:
• Body of the calculator
• Banner [Graphic just below the display] Can be editable text.
• Appearance of the calculator keys [C & DEL keys separately to the other keys]
• Welcome text message scrolled on to the screen at start-up/resume.
• Welcome voice message [or Fanfare.mp3] at fresh start-up or a greeting base on the editable text field.
Details of how to use these options are in the calculator HELP menu.

Inbuilt Buttons, Banners, Backgrounds and Displays are set via the Settings menu.

BrownPaper Caclulator is free and now without previous limitations.

Standard Calculator Features:
• Plus, Minus, Divide, Multiply
• Full percentage [i.e. “20 + 10%” -> 22, “20 * 10%” -> 2, “20/50 %” -> 40]
• Inverse [1/X], Square root, Square [ i.e. “9*=” -> 81]
• Memory Store, Recall & Memory Plus
• Sign change [ +/- ]
• PI
• DEL deletes last digit entry
• CA clears the display & all registers

Non Standard Features:
• Random Number Generator [Two modes]
• $ Fixes the display at 2 decimal places for Dollars & Cents calculations
• Days Has two modes:
o Calculates an end date from a start date plus a given number of day
o Calculates the number of days between two dates
o NOTE: Input date format is six digits “ddmmyy” or “0”. If “0” is entered as a date, “todays” date is used.
• EXP Provides scientific notation for large/small numbers.
o If the result of a calculation is too large/small the display will automatically switch to scientific notation.
• The five Icons above the keyboard, switch on/off:
o Talking buttons [Choice of 10 languages -- including Klingon]
o Button click sound
o Menu Button
o Keep display alive [stops screen blanking automatically]
o Button vibrate
• The TALK function has a choice of editable languages.

KNOWN ISSUES: 23 Aug 2015
None known


Content rating: Everyone

Requires OS: 1.6 and up

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