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Do you want to have access to the most relevant market information?

Do you want to have access to the most tailored business intelligence so you can take the best management decisions on where to locate a new business, whether investing or not more money in your business or whether to follow or not a diversification strategy?.

Bizness League is the first REAL-TIME market information platform.
• FREE and CONFIDENTIAL for managing all type of local and small businesses (restaurants, stores, services, freelancers, etc).

Would you like to know how your specific market or industry is growing? Would you like to know exactly how your business ranks in your market sales revenue ranking?

Bizness League lets you perfectly control your historical sales revenue data and keep track of your income evolution. In addition to that, it gives you access to the most relevant real-time market intelligence so you can take the best management decisions and increase your sales.

INACCESIBLE INFORMATION nowhere else: the growth of the most interesting markets and industries for you, those of businesses with similar products / services or within the same geographical area. Anytime, anywhere on your mobile.

Bizness League’s platform operation is intuitive and straightforward. Thanks to its collaborative technology, users, once a month, enter their SECURE and CONFIDENTIAL sales revenue data and gain direct access to the most complete sales report and market information thanks to the aggregated information of the rest of users. VERY SIMPLE, BUT VERY POWERFUL.

As you can change your benchmark and choose a more general/specific market both at geographic and industry level, a rich process of systematic contrast is generated.The most objective information. For example, if you own or manage a fast-food restaurant, you may switch among all your relevant markets:

• From the most general industry:
o the market of all hospitality businesses in your country
• …to your most specific market:
o the market of all fast-food restaurants in your post/zip code.

It is suitable for all business activities. Platform’s user will know if similar businesses are growing more in other country or city locations, if fastest-growing businesses are those in other close niche markets or if best performers are those businesses with larger/smaller size (both in number of employees and retail space). As you can see the most valuable report for taking decisions such as scaling-up your business, investing strategies, recruitment processes, diversification plans or localize a new business.

Our app is fast and very easy to use, but above all, it is confidential as outlined in our FAQs and Privacy Policy.

• Other users will not have any access to your real sales revenue data or any other information from your account. Your sales revenue data will be only a tiny and undifferentiated part of aggregated and anonymized market statistical results. Statistics of all your markets as a whole.

• No user has incentives to report false data as he would miss out on all functionality: for example, both his full sales report and access to the priceless insight of how his business exactly ranks in all his markets.

Visit our website for more details: or write an e-mail to to give us any kind of feedback.

Up until now, one of the biggest advantages enjoyed by big companies has been the access to market information. But, #ThisCanBeChanged as Bizness League is rebalancing the power of small businesses thanks to its professional and reliable market information.

To really know how your business is doing. Do not follow only your intuition, because data is everything.

Apptimize your business!

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Requires OS: 2.3 and up

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