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*** 全新 【IBM科技通】正式上線!***
【IBM科技通】擁有最豐富完整的趨勢資料與市場活動訊息,不管最夯的工業4.0、物聯網IoT、Bank 3.0、零售O2O、API新經濟,甚至是最Hot的雲端服務、認知商業、企業行動化、社群分析、IT基礎架構、資訊安全 、國內外成功案例等,通通幫您分門別類,隨時隨地線上閱讀豐富的影音資料 。同時內建IBM熱門活動資訊,註冊會員即可透過手機報名、下載課程講義、使用QR code於活動現場報到、參與線上討論、了解最新熱門消息等,讓您走在科技的時尚尖端,即時掌握最新科技趨勢,化身企業最有價值MVP!


1. 熱門活動資訊

2. 個人化推薦

3. 最新影音支援與線上直播

4. 科技化互動
透過個人專屬QR Code能直接現場報到活動,不用再大排長龍,也能透過QR code和其他人交換名片,輕鬆建立自己的科技好友通訊錄 。

5. 社群分享

6. 熱門消息
想知道IBM有什麼最新好康活動? 市場上在談什麼最新議題?

*** The new science and technology through [IBM] formally launched! ***
[IBM tech savvy] has the most complete portfolio of trend data and market activity message, regardless of the ram of Industry 4.0, the Internet of Things IoT, Bank 3.0, retail O2O, API new economy, even the most Hot cloud services, cognitive business, corporate action-oriented, community analysis, IT infrastructure, information security, domestic and international success stories, etc., all to help you categorize, anywhere online reading rich audio and video data. While built IBM popular activity information, registered members can register your phone, download lecture notes, use the QR code to report on the event, participate in online discussions, the latest hot news, so that you walk in the technology of cutting-edge fashion, immediately grasp the latest technology trends, the most valuable incarnation MVP!

IBM tech savvy six highlights:

Top Activities 1. Information
Always check the IBM popular seminar information, direct phone application, the first to download lectures and lecturers to participate in real-time interactive voting, participation in the seminar from the browser to the active messages, provide full customization experience.

2. personalized recommendations
Through your browser preferences to automatically recommend the most appropriate activities, video, Featured Articles, making it easier to capture new knowledge freely.

3. Live with the latest audio and video support online
Live online video player with support functions, even if do not have time to participate in physical activity can quickly grasp the gallery through the online video area.

4. Interactive Science and Technology
Through personalized QR Code can directly report site activity, do not long lines, but also to exchange business cards via QR code and others, to easily create their own technology buddy contacts.

5. Sharing Community
See the selection of useful articles or activity, ready to share via LINE, Facebook, E-mail to a colleague and a friend, is to share the goodies!

6. Top News
IBM would like to know what the latest goodies activity? Talk about the latest issues in the market?
Through popular instant messaging will be able to grasp, after the information does not fall!

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Requires OS: 2.3.3 and up

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