BigPay Shop 大支付商家
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BigPay Shop大支付是提供予商家收款/充值專用的應用程式。
大支付是由PayPal,支付寶等知名結算方法組成的綜合性支付平臺! 平臺技術層面非常穩定,對買賣雙方均有充足的保障,為BomBom網店提供便捷,易用的支付服務! 客戶可以選擇Visa,萬事達,銀聯,及指定銀行戶口付款,自主性高,店主及買家 均可從中獲取所需。店主簡便地對接第三方支付,買家安全地購買付款。 大支付,大數據與萬事達合作推出的萬事達預付卡使客戶能夠在全球各地消費, 在萬事達ATM提款,在大支付的平臺上盡情消費, 組成了壹個良好的收款和付款的消費循環系統,讓生活變得更美好。


1. 以二維碼方式發出收款要求
2. 積分充值功能
3. 即時查閱交易記錄
4. 預設收款貨幣
5. 多語言版本

BigPay Shop big businesses pay are provided for payment / recharge the dedicated app.
Great pay by PayPal, Alipay and other well-known method consisting of a comprehensive settlement payment platform! The technical level is very stable platform for buyers and sellers have adequate protection, to provide convenient, easy to use payment services BomBom shop! Customers can choose Visa, MasterCard, China UnionPay, and designated bank account payments, high autonomy, the owner and the buyer can derive desired. The owner simply docking third-party payment, the buyer safely purchase payments. Big pay, big data prepaid MasterCard launched in cooperation with MasterCard allows customers to consumption across the globe, in the MasterCard ATM withdrawals, payments on a large platform to enjoy consumption, formed One a good collection and payment of consumption circulatory system make life better.

A bond payment, safe place to ensure that payment of receivables becomes very simple, on behalf of the international payment.

A key collection, recharge, easy to use.
1. The two-dimensional code issued by way of collection requirements
2. Points recharge
3. Now Instant transactions
4. The default payment currency
5. Multi-language version

Content rating: Everyone

Requires OS: 4.0 and up

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