Creating Wealth Right Now Book
Ron Randall
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Hello, my name is Ron Randall and creator of, “How The Average Person
Can Create Wealth.” The reason I put this information together is because I
truly believe you deserve to have this information.

Now you may have already heard some information about creating wealth out there, may read
some books, some audios, but I don't think you've ever heard it put in this
structure before.

What I mean by that is I've never even heard this information about creating
wealth put in this kind of format. That's why I did this. Put it in layman's
terms so the person the street, the average person, can understand and get this
actual strategy to create wealth.

This book is dedicated to all those folks out there that are living the life
they did not choose. Living a life you think you are stuck with, and that you
have no choice to change. However there is good news you do have a choice.
This book is about giving you information so you do have a choice of how
you want your life to be.

I personally wish that money did not hold so muchpower, unfortunately it does.
Basically money just gives you more choices and options in life and that's all it should do.

This is not some rehashed information from financial gurus. Financial gurus
tell you what to do with your money once you have it. They tell you how to
invest. This isn't about Wall Street, this is not about real estate. This is about
getting you started on the road to wealth from scratch, which they will not
discuss. They'll just tell you what to do with your money once you have

This information is for those who are struggling financially, in debt, living in
quite desperation and sick and tired of being sick and tired. For those who are
broke, busted and disgusted. Working some low paying day job looking for a
way out.

Now having a job is not a bad thing obviously, there is nothing wrong
with having a job. You have got to have a job to pay bills and pay for all the
other things in life, basically to make a living. Jobs keep the economy going
so people make money to pay for things which keeps companies in business
which keeps the economy moving along. I think this is pretty obvious.

However at some point most jobs become a nuisance. They get in the way of
living life the way you want. The job tells you when to wake up when to go
home and even when you should probably go to bed at night just to wake and
start all over again.

So a job really controls almost every aspect of your life.Not only that but
your also making someone else rich and fulfilling their dreams not yours.

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