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私達はクラウドファンディングの力を集め、Bitcoin 産業の中でも非常にユニークでタイムリーな機会を提供しています。私達の専門知識を使用することにより、アフィリエイト支払構成を使ってメンバーが稼ぐ可能性にレバレッジをかける、有益なマイニングオペレーションを構築しています。




BitClub マイニングプール…BitClubは、アイスランドに位置する最速成長中の施設で2ヶ所のマイニングロケーションを運営しています。この施設は、開放されており、特定の条件を満たす人に限り訪問することが出来ます。私達のマイニングプールは、ハッシングパワーを提供したい人たちが誰でも簡単に出来るよう、一般に開放しています。

私達はすべてのマイニング機器を購入しており、それによってBitClubが完全な所有権を保持し、ピークサイクルが終わりに近づいた時に流通市場でハードウェアを簡単に売却することが出来ます。私達はこれらをさらに新しく効果的な機器と交換するのです。古い機器を清算するたびに、メンバーの皆さんはご希望であればマイナーを所持するチャンスがあります。詳細は ここをクリック



We collect the power of crowdfunding, offers a timely opportunity in a very unique among the Bitcoin industry. By using our expertise, applying leverage to the possibility of money a member using the affiliate payment structure, we have built a profitable mining operation.

The concept is very simple! I have to buy mining equipment that will be used to mine Bitcoin, we will pay every day for your minute of all Bitcoin that have been mined. You inform this chance opportunity to other members, and they will buy, also contains the commission several times for all of Bitcoin mined also from their purchase.

About inform you ask known to other people, more earn!

When the number of members increased significantly, everyone can become a huge piece in this industry, we can provide that further most need to Bitcoin ... that is, the more users!

BitClub mining pool ... BitClub operates a mining location of the two places at the facility in the fastest growth which is located in Iceland. This facility is open, you can visit only to meet certain criteria people. Our mining pool, so that people who want to provide a hashing power is anyone can easily, we are generally open.

We have to buy all of the mining equipment, thereby holding the BitClub full ownership, you can easily sell the hardware in the secondary market when nearing the end of the peak cycle. We are to replace it with a further new effective equipment these. Each time to liquidate the old equipment, if you would like members have a chance to possession of a minor. Click here for more information

All BitClub members, by paying in donations in Bitcoin, helps to contribute to the management of the mining pool. This re-buy strategy precisely, we have to expand to continue, are you me it possible to buy even more of the mining hardware.

All of Bitcoin exiting from our mining operations, have been paid every day!

Content rating: Everyone

Requires OS: 2.2 and up

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