Bilan HVAC Simple
Pracownia BILAN.
5.21.10 Varies with device
Application designed to assist the Engineer on site and in the office.
All-In-One - ventilation, heating, potable water.
SIMPLE version is intended only for private use - NON-COMMERCIAL !!!
COMMERCIAL version available at Bilan HVAC for Tablets
Version for mobile available at Bilan HVAC Simple
The application can run on older configurations to several seconds !!! Please calmly wait!
Differences between the SIMPLE and the standard version at the bottom of the page.

Basic features:
* STREAMS - For a given dimension of the flow duct selection depending on the speed or noise. The term for this channel:
- Air flow resistance,
- Speed,
- Noise,
- Selection of the size of the duct so as not to exceed the speed condition - only Standard,
- Selection of the size of the duct so as not to exceed the noise condition - only Standard,
* CHANGE OF CONTROL (only PRO). The full calculation of the change of ventilation, endearing:
- The power of the heater,
- The power of the radiator overt,
- Latent cooling power,
- Moisture condensation,
- The required power-heater.
* INSULATION - only PRO. Determination of heat loss and temperature drop in the duct
* SMART (only Standard) - Hydraulics calculations carried out in a simplified way.

* Hydraulics:
- Conversion under a stream of liquid to various media.
- Finishing panels pipe diameters based on the criterion of speed or pressure.
* Finishing panels regulating valve on the basis of the authority or the required resistance.
* Calculations of heat loss through the insulation - only Standard.
* Sizing WTP, and the translation of hardness.
* Calculations surface and pipe capacity - only Standard.

* Hydraulics system.
* Devices and fire hydrants.
* Pipe insulation - only Standard.
* Expansion vessel.
* Calculations hot tap water tank and the heat-up.

Tab ACOUSTICS - only the PRO
The conversion of acoustic noise dB per dB (A) and NR curves.
Exchange units:
- length,
- mass,
- flow,
- pressure,
- energy.
In SIMPLE - only number "1", with 2 decimal place

In addition, version Standard with respect to Simple is characterized by:
- The possibility to use commercial
- The lack of an Internet connection,
- Remembering user settings
- Automatic change of scale for ANY application after starting,
- The lack of advertising,
- The choice duct size as not to exceed the speed condition,
- The choice duct size as not to exceed the noise condition,
- Smart tab,
- Selecting any of the pipe.
- Pipe material - in addition:
* Crimp systems (steel / stainless steel / copper)
* Stainless high
- Change roughness.
- Additional Factors - glycols,
- Calculation of pipe insulation.
- Translating for any input,
- Conversion of any number to the nearest 6th decimal place.
Version Pro with respect to Standard is characterized by:
- Transformation IX central.
- Calculation of the duct insulation.
- Calculations and acoustic conversion.
- Any agent.
- Any diameter.
- Additional fluids - thermal oils.

If you want to translate the program into your own language - write to me. The PRO version for free!

Content rating: Everyone

Requires OS: 2.3 and up

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