Bitcoin Miner Analysis 1.0
Thomas B. Woods
BMA1 Varies with device
Bitcoin Miner Analysis helps you evaluate bitcoin mining equipment and reveals its true cost based on purchase price AND total power consumed. The app forecasts mining revenue taking into account increasing difficulty over time. You can get calculations on monthly and daily income. Bitcoin Miner Analysis predicts when costs for electricity will overtake mining revenue.

You input known factors about bitcoins and miners such as purchase price, wattage, hash rate, difficulty, exchange rate etc. The program uses this information together with your local price for electricity to report the true cost to purchase and operate a miner.It will tell you the total mining payout over the lifetime you specify as well as the income you can expect in the first month and last month of operation. Daily figures are shown as well. The program shows amounts in both bitcoin and in fiat currency. As hashing difficulty increases, revenue declines. Eventually the number of bitcoins a miner generates will fall below the cost of electricity consumed. At this point the miner is no longer profitable to operate. Bitcoin Miner Analysis reports exactly when that crossing point occurs.

This tool will prove to be very useful to compare the potential profitability of different products. It will help you make important decisions about whether to purchase Model-X or Model-Y. Use it to screen models and suggest new devices that might deserve a closer look.

The app has attractive displays and supports 10" and 7" tablets as well as small Android phones. It runs off-line so you can use it anywhere. There's no need for a wifi connection or Internet access to make it work, but if you DO have Internet connectivity, you can make Bitcoin Miner Analysis automatically download the most current bitcoin price and difficulty information.

If you are a bitcoin miner, this analyzer is important. It will quickly and easily tell you:
Which products pay money and which cost money?
How much will a miner cost to operate over time?
When will electricity costs exceed income?
Is a particular model a worthwhile investment?
How do mining contracts compare with your own physical equipment?
Where should I invest for the most gain?
Will the miner I am considering be profitable?

If you are new to bitcoins and are thinking about starting your own mining operation, just look around and see the head spinning array of makes and models, new versus used, older versus newer, and models that are promised but not yet delivered. How do you know what's good? This analyzer will give you lots to think about:

How does one model stack up over another?
What do bitcoin payouts look like for a given model of mining equipment?
How will payments change from my first payout to my last?
What are some mining pitfalls?
Will investing in used equipment be worthwhile?
Where do I invest for maximum profits?

Bitcoin Miner Analysis is carefully designed and thoroughly tested to insure convenient, fun and crash free operation. It contains no bothersome advertising or in-app products to interfere with a trouble-free experience. This is original programming created by me, Tom Woods, an avid bitcoin enthusiast and miner. I set a nominal $1 price to help defray my development efforts.

In the photos above you will notice that on small phone screens you see only part of the total display at once. You can move around the display by swiping. On larger tablets, the full display fits; you can see it all at one time, so swiping is not necessary.

For more information on this app, please visit my website, Tom Woods Apps. Use the URL elsewhere on this page.

Content rating: Everyone

Requires OS: 1.6 and up

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