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1. 養 - 固本培元,滋養系列;

2. 健 - 強化益本,提升系列;


3. 利 - 減少積囤,清減系列;

4. 舒 - 舒援不適系列

"純生極" Hexocho Lab四大系列可應不同狀況混合服用,詳情請參閱產品介紹小冊子。

本公司獲 "百補之王" Tonic Supreme 授權代理其個人草本產品系列。

寵物草本系列 - 將以 PetsAllied "寵物聯盟"分銷商發售,同時獲 "百補之王" Tonic Supreme 授權代理其寵物草本系列。

Reinforcing and reducing theory originated from the herbal conditioning "Classic."

Zhang Jin and Yuan Dynasties element inquiry "Nei Jing" and in his book for this theory up, diarrhea law were supplemented with different herbal elements one by one, and later by Li's income "Compendium of Materia Medica" in order cases, and ordered the to "make up the five internal organs flavors diarrhea."

"Extremely pure raw" heritage of technology to today herbaceous quality materials, the theoretical basis of "Zhang element" and "fill", "Royal" Make four categories Herb Series:


1. Yang - strengthening the foundation, nourishing series;

2. Health - Strengthening of the benefit and enhance the series;


3. Lee - reducing product store, clear cut series;

4. Shu - Shu Yuan discomfort Series

"Extremely pure raw" Hexocho Lab series of four different conditions can be mixed use, please refer to the product brochure.

The company won the "king of a hundred fill the" Tonic Supreme authorized agent of their personal herbal products.

Pet Herbal Series - will PetsAllied "Pet Alliance" distributors sale, was also awarded as "the king fill the" Tonic Supreme pet herbal its authorized agent series.

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Requires OS: 4.0 and up

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