Gateway Data Service mobile phone app ensures your important operational data is delivered by our Cloud Servers and made available to your team "in real-time." This allows you to make key informed decisions for your business.

Alongside this we provide you with operational reports which can be generated from the app by the owners and delivered to business managers and or consultants for review.

App features:

Notifications & Alerts System

We designed the App knowing full well that you likely won’t be always looking at the App Dash or Separate screens 24/7. So what we did was build into the App a notification system that will alert you on your device if you have an issue.


When we designed the reporting side, we thought about who would best benefit from the reports.
We gave the owners the ability to generate reports from the mobile device for: Applicators (K-Line, Travelling Irrigator & Centre Pivots), Hydraulics (Flows and Levels) and Vat, the reports are then emailed to the owner’s inbox.

Multiple Farms

The GDS App can manage multiple farms, which are selectable via the Apps navigation menu. Multiple farms within the App are treated as individual farms when viewing.
Notifications generated by your other farms will be represented on your current farms view as an icon. Emergency Alerts generated for any of your farms will still lock down your phone until resolved.

Applicator Range Rate & Depth

Effluent Irrigating at times can be as simple as clicking a button and letting the irrigation do its job, ideally with a good effluent management system to turn off that system if there is an issue, such as a line breakage, blocked pod nozzle or stuck travelling irrigator.

In our experience across many Dairy farms nationwide in New Zealand, we have witnessed irrigation not being measured, simply because there was no real time method to do so. We acknowledge that the industry standard is the Effluent Pottle test and do recommend that is also done where applicable.

Based on your systems data and your own ‘manual input of your irrigation variables we are able to provide you within the GDS App a calculated Applicator Range Rate & Depth.

Notes & Audit Trail

Imagine if you could using your phone write a quick note, which is then pushed instantly to all your farm connected GDS App phones. Well you can. Our design for this section was to just keep it simple and quick. You have 140 characters to use and can assign to the following note categories: General, Applicators, Hydraulics, Soils & Vats.
Notes when generated become an Audit trail for your business, once created they cannot be edited or deleted and are shown in every connected phones to your GDS App. Notes are listed in the Apps Notification section and appear on the applicable reports.

Preconfigured Alerts

For your farm sensors GDS admin can configure on the server side (not the App) standard alerts that will be pushed to your mobile device and show in the Notifications section of the App and on any applicable reports.
These are different to “targets’ that the owner can set on their GDS App, as they are generated from the GDS cloud server and not directly from the mobile device.

Alerts such as: Travelling Irrigator is at End of Travel, moving to slow or not moving. Your K-Line Pods are blocked, or maybe your Centre Pivot is not moving (but should be) and your effluent droppers are discharging effluent.

Emergency Alert

Worse case scenario: You are on farm, you are in a accident and need emergency assistance. Using the GDS Emergency Alert all your Farm GDS App connected phones will be GPS alerted to your location.
This is a special feature that could make a difference in a life and death situation.

Content rating: Everyone

Requires OS: 4.0.3 and up

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