Hey there. Working Together For Change (WTFC for short) is a student-led program that wants to solve one problem. Homelessness. Right now, in Atlanta alone, over 10,000 people experience homelessness! We want to create a network that extends a hand to these people and raises awareness- Join our cause! One major issue regarding homelessness is a lack of awareness of what the problem truly is. What does it really mean to “be homeless”? To live out alone on the streets? In order to motivate others to get involved and to teach each other how to be able to empathize with the homeless rather than just sympathize with the homeless, we have several immersion programs where we experience various aspects of homelessness. Furthermore, homeless men and women are four times more likely than the average person to get sick. That’s why we place major emphasis on our medical initiatives. Several times throughout the year, we set up health camps and medical fairs in various locations throughout Georgia. At these initiatives, we regularly provide blood pressure checkups, cholesterol checkups, breast health awareness, diabetes checks, as well as HIV testing, dental checks, and breast cancer tests. We also provide health education- we bring doctors in to give seminars on managing stress, getting access to hospitals, as well as general lifesaving tips. Along these two pillars, we have our third pillar, social entrepreneurship. What is social entrepreneurship? Social entrepreneurship is the pursing of social passions with an entrepreneurial zeal. At WTFC, we try to solve the issue of homelessness from all angles. That’s why a lot of our programs deal with social entrepreneurship.

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