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1.3.20160415 Varies with device
Access your Experts Exchange account on the go. Ask questions, get answers, and collaborate with experts anytime, anywhere. With the app you can:

- Ask, answer, and accept questions
- Access and search solutions, articles, and video tutorials
- Upvote content that you like
- Save content to your personal knowledgebase
- Keep up to date on new content the moment it is added to the site
- Receive push notifications for content you're participating in


"The mobile app offers smooth and convenient access to the Experts Exchange community. I’m able to quickly search for solutions, answer questions, and read articles much easier with the app."

--Richard Fouts

"Neat app, I especially like the layout and being able to deal with questions when I’m not at my computer."

--John Hurst

Download now. Compatible only with Android version 4.2. or higher.

Content rating: Everyone

Requires OS: 4.0 and up

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