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1. Once downloaded, eCardflow prompts as a first step, fill data. This data is what you want to display on your business card.

2. Select a picture profile NOT REQUIRED; Photograph enter nor logo. But if you choose to do so, you must select a photo directly loaded into your phone and not on a cloud.

3. Share in social networks card is optional.

4. Build your business card, you can edit, share, and delete it. For this, you must * hold the card for three seconds *.
If you edit the card and it has already been shared with your contacts, they will automatically receive the update data.
The information you see on the card is only a summary. To see all the information * you must give two quick touches to your card.

5. At the moment, the card is only shared by mail and QR code. Doing so by mail, you can select some or all of your contacts from Gmail, Yahoo or Hotmail or add another.

6. If shares of QR, the recipient must also have eCardflow.
But if you have not installed it works out like this:

7. If you send the card by mail means that the recipient should not have eCardflow, receives an invitation to download the app in order to see the card sent, which will not be lost at any time, regardless of time .

8. The information that the recipient will see will be the same that you have sent and for all, must also give "two touches" to your card, and if you choose to share it with a third person: * the push three seconds.

9. Who can receive your card to your phone call or send an email, just to touch your card.

10. If your company wants a single corporate design or have questions, you can contact us directly at:


eCardflow allows you to generate unlimited business contacts in a unique and efficient way.

You will see functions and resources not present in other apps. For example:

The one that will update your data automatically to all your business contacts and leaving in the past to scanned Scan cards. Generate business contacts in perpetuity in a unique and efficient way. You will see features and applications that do not exist in other applications, for example: you can integrate his photographs taken in any event, setting, selecting, framing and trimming your photograph. Also, you can add your company logo. As another of its great features, you can choose the card design that best suits your profile and related to what you do professionally preferences.

You can choose the card's design that better suits your profile and preferences, or related to your job.

Attend a business meeting or face everyday situations with an incredible tool that is going to surprise everybody, because they will receive your card immediately due to the capacity of sending cards massively. You only need to choose the destination emails.

Another feature is that you -regardless if you are using a personal card or representing a company- can share and distribute your business card without any restriction of quantity or distance.

One of the most important features is that you may change information anytime you need to and that change will be immediately reflected on the cards you have already shared, no matter when or where. Never again loose your business or social contacts because you changed job, phone number or address.

Also, companies who use this app have access to another tool that avoids loosing contacts or clients every time they need to make changes in their organizational structure.

The card allows to call a contact directly and it can be transferred via email or QR code.

Enjoy and make the best out of it. You will see how your business grows.



Content rating: High Maturity

Requires OS: 4.0 and up

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