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FortAdPays is quickly becoming one of the most successful ad revenue sharing companies we’ve seen. They are gaining around 1000 new members a day which is is the mark of a very successful business in this industry. They have an active facebook group where you can ask questions and make friends with other members. This is something we always look for with ad revenue sharing companies, because we like transparency. If you are looking for a very successful ad revenue sharing business, this is the one for you!
What is Ad Revenue Sharing?
Ad Revenue Sharing is a recently viral new way to make money online. You buy Fort Ad Pays ad packs, which cost $1 each. By the time your ad pack matures, you will have earned $2.20, which is a 220% return on your ad pack. This is a fabulous value! Each ad pack you buy earns you advertising credits, where you can advertise your business or other share revenue referral link. The revenue you receive is earned when new members buy ad packs. This is similar to a pyramid scheme, which we don’t recommend. The difference with this is that you are paying for a service, and at the same time earning money.
How to earn with Fort Ad Pays without spending money?
Fort Ad Packs offers a paid to click plan, where you are paid around $0.01 for each ad you click. We don’t personally waste our time with this because it’s so much more lucrative to earn 220% on each $1 ad pack.
How to earn with Fort Ad Pays paid plan?
The only thing required of you in order to earn is that you click 4 ads a day. This is simple and easy and takes up about 2 minutes of your time per day.
What payment processors does Fort Ad Pays accept?
Fort Ads Pays accept Payza, Perfect Money, and 2Pay4You.
How are my Fort Ad Pays earnings given to me?
You will earn a percentage of your deposit each day, until you reach the max of 220% on each ad pack. This earning will only be given to you daily if you have clicked your 4 ads a day. If you forget to click your ads, the earnings will stop for the day and will resume when you next click your ads.

Your earnings are placed into two categories, a repurchase balance and a cash balance. This is split up 50/50. This means that 50% of your earnings will go directly into a repurchase balance that can only be used for buying new ad packs. This is actually a great business policy because it forces members to keep buying new ad packs to ensure that everyone can continue earning. The other 50% of your earnings go directly into a cash balance, that you can use to buy more ad packs or withdraw.

Your earnings are paid to you at a rate of 2% a day until you have reached the maximum earnings. This takes about 110 days to occur. Once your ad pack expires you will need to repurchase a new ad pack if you want to continue earning.

What is the best Fort Ad Pays strategy?
We recommend a 100% repurchase strategy for 3 months. This means that you should use 100% of your cash and repurchase balance to buy new ad packs. This will help your packs increase and your earnings as well. Once you have reached a period of about 2-3 months of 100% repurchase, it is then safe to start taking weekly withdrawels and still have enough money left over to continue growing your account to make the maximum amount of money.

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