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Do you ever wonder it would be like to have an exceptional life or company?

Do you have the plan, insight and personal network necessary to break through the inevitable roadblocks to success?

Do you want access to expert advice on all aspects of life, personal and professional?

Take the first step towards Designing Your Exceptional Life!

Our Design Your Exceptional Life (DYEL) app is your gateway to experienced professionals in all areas of life. Through our video based guidance, you will start the process of understanding what it takes to lead an exceptional life and to build an exceptional company. You will have access to our leaders best ideas through their videos and podcasts. You will also get a plan that has proven over and over again that you can truly design a life and/or company that is far greater that you could have ever imagined. The final element to your success will come from being invited into our Arête High Performance Network. Our network is comprised of leaders, business owners and individuals who believe what you believe, that any thing is possible with the right plan, insight and network.

Download our app today and immediately have access to all the content you need to Design An Exceptional Life and Build An Exceptional Company!

Who Is Arête HPN & What Do We Believe?
You probably already know that becoming a great leader is not going to be smooth ride (growth is not easy), so we want you to be prepared for the inevitable roadblocks. If you are prepared, you can recover from anything.

Our co-founder, Dr. Tom Hill has loved the mountains and is, at age 78, still working to summit all of the 14ers in Colorado.

As people achieve goals, they tend to reach a summit, then, if they don’t recommit to their goals with executable action steps in 18-month cycles, they will falter and stumble into a valley. Once they’ve faltered, if they sharpen their actions to meet their revised goals, they can summit once again. This leadership growth cycle looks a lot like the outline of an arête and the glacial cirque (the bowl at the end of the U shaped valley). We’d like to teach you how to think like the leaders who rebound.

Dr. Tom Hill has been teaching about the “G-Curve” ever since he learned about “Moore’s Law.” Moore’s Law states that computing power doubles every 18 months. That got Tom thinking. It seemed to him that people’s lives tended to cycle in 18-month patterns as well. Unlike an annual goal setting, and 10year plans, Tom has encouraged people to make 6-year plans, 3-year plans, and most importantly, 18-month plans. He then has encouraged those who work with him to break down those 18 months into 6-month plans, then 3-month plans. Planning works great, when people actually follow through. With his calendar and his encouragement, those who work with him begin to divide up their lives differently that the rest of the world, and lo and behold, have greater success.

Like the glaciers, through time and pressure, we help sharpen the thinking of company leaders. Leaders aren’t born, they are made. They are made through the grinding of time and pressure to rise from that adversity to create something inspiring. 

The Growth Curve is built through a similar process to that of an Arête.

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