1.1 Varies with device
HDeCARE allows you to monitor key aspects of your home, business or store from your smart phone and to receive real-time alert messages.
Thanks to HDeCARE you can:
• Manage your utility bills by accurately monitoring your gas, electricity and water consumption and identify energy saving opportunities more easily.
• Improve indoor air quality by detecting carbon monoxide and the other main indoor air pollutants (VOCs).
• Reinforce security with an alarm relay that alerts you by notification, text message or email when audible alarms e.g. fire, flood, intrusion or other alarms installed in your home or business, are triggered.
• Monitor the weather trends - outdoor temperature and wind speed.
• Protect your foodstuff and beverages by monitoring the temperature of refrigerators, freezers, wine cellars, etc.
HDeCARE is an all-in-one system which is easy to use and can evolve in line with your needs.
To use the system you need to purchase the Kub-e or a Mini Kub-e HDeCARE and have an internet connection.
The Kub-e is connected to the internet by a cable (RJ45) and contains five sensors:
• Indoor Air Quality
• Indoor Temperature
• Humidity
• Air Pressure
• Audible Alarm relay
The Mini Kub-e is connected to the internet by Wi-Fi and contains two sensors:
• Indoor Temperature
• Humidity
There are numerous other sensing modules available, allowing you to extend and personalize your system, according to your individual requirements:
• Electricity Module, Gas Module and Water Module to monitor and display your electricity, water and gas consumption
• Temperature Module (operating temperature range -45°C to +85°C) for freezers, wine cellars, vivariums, etc.
• Weather Station Module to monitor outdoor temperature and wind speed
• Comfort Module to monitor indoor temperature, humidity and air quality in other rooms
• Motion Sensor Module with an infrared motion detector which can function as an intruder alarm, a visitor number counter or a senior care device to improve the monitoring of older people who wish to remain in their own homes
• Pool Module to monitor water temperature and quality in swimming pools, hot tubs, aquariums, ponds, etc.

Content rating: Everyone

Requires OS: 3.0 and up

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