FP Inventory
Richard Pillay
1.6.2 1.3mb

For those who work out of their vehicles and have to deal with Customer payments, spare parts, accessories and other inventory, this app may help you to keep on top of it. It helps keep track of income and stock.

Not keen on typing in long part numbers? If you have the ZXing barcode scanner installed, you can scan them. Don't worry though - if you try to scan without it installed, you will be prompted to download it.

Please be aware: This is not an app for everyone! If your payments and stock levels are tracked by a central server, and you carry around a printed list of what you have with you, constantly adjusting as you issue stock, then you will love this app.

Not all features are currently implemented, but are being developed very rapidly. The features you will find most helpful:
- Automatically send emails to query incorrect payments without any typing.
- Keeps track of customer payments and what's outstanding.
- Keeps track of income from head office payments.
- Keeps track of what stock the company says you have, as well as what you actually have.
- Get reminders when you've used parts that need to be put back in the vehicle.
- Allows you keep stock in any of 4 different locations, along with bin locations (how often do you keep stock in your garage or shed?)
- Find not only the part number you search for, but related items as well. (Search for an old part number, and be told what the latest version is, or what may be sold together with that item to improve revenue).
- Automatically request APRs - just scan parts as you pack them into a box for return. When the box is full, the app will send and email requesting an APR, all from the phone, with no typing whatsoever.
- Track part locations - bin numbers, or where in the vehicle the part is kept. (Ever spend ages looking for a small part that's hidden by a large one?)
- Keep track of parts returned until the warehouse confirms they've received it.
- Keep track of sales - both on behalf of the company as well as sales of additional items to increase income.
 - Allows entry of part numbers by keyboard or by scanning with the camera.
 - Find over-stocked or under-stocked items by long-pressing on the Find button.

Since this app is intended to work with data from a server, some setup may be required to tell the app how to understand the data your server sends. Contact me for help until the manual, web site and help files are ready.

Content rating: Everyone

Requires OS: 2.3 and up

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