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Your finally in your customers hands. With you're very own app.
When you think about your phone it's probably the object you use most in your life.
It's the product you have with you all the time and so do your customers.

This unique relationship people have with their phone we take really seriously.
We just don't want your app to sit on the screen, we want your customers to use it.
APPVERTISER is the result of this thinking. And for the first time ever we put you right in your customers hands.

The seamless integration between all mobile devices allows our app to work across all of them and clearly separates us from our competition.
Along with the experience in actually using it, what makes Appvertiser so unique is our customisation for every business.
Customers love it - Businesses want it - Be Seen On The Screen “Appvertiser"

We are launching a new service that makes it easy for every business to have their own "app". Appvertiser and its patent technology will put your targeted advertising, business details, branding and special services on all your customers devices. Our service is the most affordable way to get customers using your app and to promote and advertise your business.
We design our apps to engage with your customers and generate more revenue for your business. We understand that many businesses are now realising the potential of an app and the benefits for their business, but do not want the high development and maintenance costs demanded by some of the software companies out there. Costs, attention to detail, customer usability are a few of the main differences between us and other app development companies.

BEAM YOUR APP TO CUSTOMERS - who then beam it to their friends or customers. Send it by SMS, email or post your app straight to FaceBook or Twitter. All done directly from inside the app itself or from your included website.

AND WITH MULTIPLE ADVERTISING - channels to reach a range of targeted audiences, we can make sure that you’re not just finding more customers, you’re finding the right ones.

CUSTOM DESIGN. We will mix and match your app's look and feel, even use your own business or company branding. Dazzle customers with gorgeous start screens that scream YOU. Truly match your brand's identity. Your app is guaranteed to not look like "all the others".

RAISE BRAND AWARENESS - offer significant branding advantages. Once a user has your app on their device they are exposed to your logo almost every time they go looking for something on their device.

COMMUNICATION & CONNECTION, MARKETING & PROMOTION - all done with your app. Now thats a solution to a very big problem.

OUR APPS WORK ON ALL WEB BASED MOBILE DEVICES - iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android, Windows, Tablets, even Macs & PC's. No customer is out of reach. Now you're speaking your customers language.

UP TO THE MINUTE INFORMATION ABOUT YOUR BUSINESS - Your App is "Live". Whenever you update your app everything will update everywhere, automatically and instantly!

POWERED BY CUTTING-EDGE - patented technology designed to automatically engage customers as soon as they look at their phone. Appvertiser creates a smooth, hands-free, fun and effective experience for both the business and their customer.

COMMUNICATE WITH CUSTOMERS ON THEIR TERMS - Customers with iPhone, iPad, Android, Blackberry, Mac & PC devices will love you. Why should you or your customer care what phone they have or which PC they're on? They want to see your app and now they can! Our mobile apps instantly deliver the optimal version by detecting which device they use

Customers love it
Now customers can benefit from direct access to your business, your products, your promotions and You.
Everytime they touch your app it is updated with your new content automatically. (No APP STORE updates required). Now you are in your customers hands 24/7.

Contact us at & Be Seen On The Screen.

Content rating: Everyone

Requires OS: 1.6 and up

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