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Welcome to all HR practitioners: we built this application for you !
Just one click: please email a job order at:

Your will be automatically registered and will have immediate access from any of your mobile devices. If you are looking for jobs, please download our Job seeker application !

iJobs hiring is built for Employers, HR professionals, Recruiters and Sourcing expert. iJobs lets publish jobs live !
iJobs will automatically match your jobs with Profiles, search for Candidates or Prospective referrals.

Post a free job and use efficient tools to publish requisitions, email prospects, and send SMS-text!

- iJobs matches your jobs automatically to Profiles. 
- iJobs is the complete #1 mobile application built to support communications Candidates and HR practitioners
- Source contacts in one of the largest nationwide Database with millions of profiles,
- Network with professionals from multiple social networks and companies in the US.
- Our unique dashboard lets you track jobs, activities, search agents results and more 
- Create custom matching job searches – Be alerted about results by email.

iJobs lets you review, modify your searches, bookmark results and engage with candidates directly.
Search contacts that match your job listing directly from within your device contact book,

Access thru millions of results; Connect with LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, etc.

iJobs will alert you daily, providing up-to date results within a five minutes window live!

Some interesting features:

- Best custom job search engine (#1 jobs search results within 10 or 25 miles radius)
- Search profiles and find contacts, in your contact book, your community, nationwide or else.
- See who checked your job order(s)
- Create a job order in 1 sec, build multiple jobs listings, and use smart search agents.
- Save and email or text your favorite search(es)
- Login with many social network to start job search

Count on us to provide you with the most advanced search tools, numerous ways to connect and incredible support while you search, browse or simply wish to try our new applications.

Please contact us at with your feedback or your questions.

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Requires OS: 2.3 and up

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