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We refer to our practice as an Islamic cross-disciplinary consulting operation which are bridge-builders between cultures and who provide an accessible and scalable, managed, and delivered alternative suite of consulting solutions in available technologies and business practices.

Our services are targeted at non-technology personnel, companies and agencies of 1-999 personnel which need solutions and mission critical support to make key decisions on integrating business processes in technology, and technology processes in business in which we provide agreed custom deliverables as user-usable solutions and scalable customer and needs-driven counsel, business-resetting and value-correcting services for a fixed cost, on requirements, first time and our relationships are initiated, developed and maintained with integrity, accountability and confidentiality. We seek a shared value, shared risk, common terms and agreed terms of reference and our total expressed liability are the cost of the fees you pay us.

At the individual level the obligation is to (a) Engage in permissible professions and business activities. (b) Facilitate seamless transitions from conventional business practices to an Islam Compliant Practice; (c) Be a catalyst in the chain of permissible lifestyle commercial activities from concept to product delivery support

At the corporate level the obligation is to seek to (a) establish a system that facilitates such individual in our community; (b) research, establish, and support, promote compliant Businesses activities; (c) increase and grow the private business sustainable indices while expanding the group of permissibly informed and enabled owner managers pool of entrepreneurs (d) transition and incubate new and current conventional business to compliance. At the greater collective level we intend to be bridge-builder and counsel Ideator in the vanguard of establishing, maintaining and propagating a Businesses Best Practice, based on Islam.

You need a coherent strategy on how to develop, see and interpret and manage changing international business, a keen appraisal will show, that some things do not change, and the right partners in the right places are always the right opportunities to be sought.

We routinely work in specified collaborations with associate companies and with personnel who have a demonstrated excellence in expertise a history of achievement vision in leadership, accountability in execution and innovation deliverables to ensure the that determine project success. We can assist with your stuck-deals, decision-making trade-offs and shortcuts in high ambiguity settings and ease some of your anxieties over uncertainties.

These are issues which arise from the things clients are not so good at or, the things they are not sure how to do or they are not sure if they're doing correctly or the things they don't like doing or some of the things they are good at - but it's no longer profitable to do it., or even some of the things that they are good at, but just cannot do now. We may be your best option to take you there. It should be the reason you choose us.

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