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Mogo Mobile brings a new level of functionality to users in the field. The Value Overview highlights some of Mogo Mobile’s key features that differentiate the app from other CRM related mobile apps in the field. The video link will show you Mogo Mobile in action.

A. Value Overview

One Click Visits and Conference Calls: We have smart phones with native calendar apps that make it easy to view appointments but not so easy to create appointments. Mogo Mobile makes it easy to create those appointments and schedule conference calls with one click. It even allows you to store your 800 conference call number and pass-code as part of your user settings. With Mogo Mobile, starting a conference call is as simple as selecting the conference call details in the appointment record.

Meeting Places: Build a list of your favorite restaurants, coffee shops, or other hang outs and save them in “My Meeting Places.” With one click, you can setup coffee, lunch or dinner meetings by selecting a location from “My Meeting Places.”

Call Notes: Most likely, you make and receive several business calls during a given day. Depending on what’s on your plate when you receive that call, it may often be difficult for you to recall what was discussed in those calls the next day, or in many instances, even the next hour. To avoid this, Mogo Mobile pops up a call notes window at the end of an incoming or outgoing call. This allows you to simply speak or type the summary of the call. The call is logged as a call activity. You can access the call history and corresponding notes at any time on your mobile phone.

Leads and Opportunities – Live Feed: The truth is, most sales executives enter leads and opportunities into the CRM system because management says it’s a requirement. Since many CRM systems just serve as a database for storing endless customer contacts and interactions, many of your sales executives tend to look at it as a management tool to monitor their activities rather than a sales tool to help them close more deals. Watch your sales executives after you give them access to Mogo. Since Mogo feeds your sales executives active information about their prospects’ LinkedIn connections or Twitter feed, they will intently watch their leads and opportunities as if they were checking the latest NBA playoff scores. Furthering the app’s appeal as a sales tool, Mogo actively displays the possible base commission that the sales executive will make by closing their opportunities.

Content rating: Everyone

Requires OS: 2.2 and up

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