Koupah POS
1.0.19 Varies with device
Koupah is tailored for your business!
It combines social and mobile features, which help you to build better relationships with your customers with all the key essentials found in any legacy point of sale platform.
Customers can walk into a store, tap or scan their phone against the Koupah terminal and you can instantly access customers’ information, names, usual and favorite orders, loyalty cards and coupons. Koupah helps you to make the checkout process quick, simple and personal.

Take out, Delivery, Dine in
Koupah supports take out, delivery and dine in. Take orders by phone or via the Koupah Mobile User App and look up customers in a jiffy by number or name.

House Charge
The house charge solution allows you to bill customers at the end of the month through a combined invoice.

Split Check
Split checks with a user-friendly interface that allows a cashier to split an order by simply dragging and dropping menu items into a customer’s chart. Make your customers’ whole visit enjoyable – even the payment process.

Koupah Offline
Transact customers as usual even if you have lost your Internet connection. Orders will be logged and synced with our database once your connection is restored. You can still redeem your customers’ coupons or reward them with loyalty points or punches on their card.

Favorite Orders
With a single tap or scan Koupah informs your employees about customers’ favorite and usual orders or items, personalized “quick picks”, currently active coupons as well as loyalty cards.

Quick serve
The quick serve display is a great way to establish a better communication between the cashier’s area and the kitchen or stock room. The staff in the back can receive orders, mark them as complete or alert staff members in the front if orders are ready.

Whether you need different size options, toppings or condiments, with Koupah you can create any kind of and as many modifiers to an item as you wish.

Printer routing
Establishments with different departments, preparation or cooking areas need work receipts. Printer routing allows you to send the right receipt to the right place.

Loyalty program
Reward your customers for their loyalty and create your special deals and rewards system. Customers can load their loyalty cards and coupons with a single tap or scan. This makes the checkout process quick, simple and personal.

Create coupons to reward your customers! In order to get rewarded customers can collect punches and points on their loyalty cards or share your specially created deals on their social media platform.

Go Mobile
Let your customers download the Koupah Mobile User App through which loyalty cards, coupons, payment details and customer information are loaded in a single tap or scan. Let your customers use the in app ordering capability, discover their neighborhood, give feedback or vote on the employee of the month.

Employee of the month
Let your customers choose the employee of the month or give direct feedback. This is a great way to motivate your employees and it is simple and personal – feedback goes directly to the management.

Say goodbye to credit card fees
By combining Social with POS, brands, agencies and businesses can deliver targeted based advertising to specific demographics and SUBSIDIZE, even ELIMINATE credit card processing fees for you, the retailer.

Quick Select
In the quick select mode items are showed in a smaller size and simpler way and no pop ups are displayed. This allows you to check out customers a lot quicker and simpler.

Layout Options
Choose your own layout for menus, categories and decide how items are displayed on your Koupah terminal. You can also select the size of your lay out view.

Content rating: Everyone

Requires OS: 4.1 and up

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