Lean Audit Benchmarking
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Are you world-class? Find out how well your business operates on a 5-point scale

How does your organization measure up? Do you belong to the BEST or are you with the REST? What is the gap between where you are now and world-class? How can you narrow the gap?

The LEAN AUDIT allows you to determine health and maturity level by assessing people, processes, setup and systems, so you can make an accurate comparison between the existing configuration and industry best practices. Insights gained from the LEAN AUDIT will help you identify the opportunities and course-corrections that ultimately lead to higher performance levels, while gaining a competitive edge from a leaner operation. All you need is to install this BENCHMARKING app on your device and audit now!

The LEAN AUDIT BENCHMARKING program is generic enough to fit a broad range of businesses, yet specific enough to pinpoint both areas of excellence and areas in need of change. Performing a LEAN AUDIT helps you challenge the status quo and improve operational fitness to better compete in a rapidly evolving world. After completing the audit, you will receive an email with your free score relative to world-class benchmarks. A personalized, optional improvement report with detailed improvement suggestions is available for purchase.

Audit Dimensions:
+ People
+ Process
+ Setup
+ System

Key Parameters:
+ Capability
+ Efficiency
+ Structure
+ Service
+ Quality

Benchmarking Levels:
+ Level 0: SAND
+ Phase 0-1: "Failing"
+ Level 1: IRON
+ Phase 1-2: "Struggling"
+ Level 2: BRONZE
+ Phase 2-3: "Improving"
+ Level 3: SILVER
+ Phase 3-4: "Performing"
+ Level 4: GOLD
+ Phase 4-5: "Leading"
+ Level 5: DIAMOND

Auditing Process:
1. Select target area
2. Define audit team
3. Audit current state
4. Review audit results
5. Decide improvements
6. Execute improvements
7. Audit improved state

Additional Functions:
New - start a new audit
Pending - resume an incomplete audit
Complete - view completed audits
Contact - post a question, provide feedback

App Versions:
This application is available in two versions, LITE and PRO. The LITE version is ideal for beginners, offering simple checklists that can be completed within a few minutes. Upgrading to PRO gives you full access to all enterprise-level audits, such as the Lean Factory Audit (LFA) and the Lean Office Audit (LOA), assessing the 20 Keys to World-Class Operations.

+ Free
+ Quick Checks
+ Single Dimension
+ For Beginners

+ Buy for $1.99
+ Enterprise Audits
+ Multi Dimensions
+ For Experts

Get started, audit now!

Content rating: Everyone

Requires OS: 4.1 and up

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