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AskKey is a mobile app that encrypts and decrypts text messages. AskKey messages travel all the way from your mobile device to the recipient's smart phone in encrypted form and stay encrypted when stored.

You can get the app from Play Store. When the app first starts, it automatically registers your mobile phone to AskKey server using your own Secret Code (S-Code). The S-Code is an alphanumeric sequence that you define. Every user encrypts and decrypts messages using his own S-Code. Try not to forget your S-Code. If you forget your S-Code you cannot read encrypted messages and you have to re-install the application.

From then on, your mobile device is ready to receive encrypted messages and compose/send encrypted messages to other smart phones. Simply, you decrypt/encrypt messages using your own personal S-Code. The S-Code is stored NOWHERE else than in your mind.

The encrypted message can only be decrypted on the device that registered to Askkey server. If you move the message to any other device that uses Askkey you cannot decrypt/read the message even if you type the correct S-Code. This way, even if someone gets your S-Code, he cannot decrypt your message in other devices.

The encrypted messages are stored in the messaging app of your phone for later retrieval and decryption. You can store and/or delete them as any other message on your mobile device.

You can also compose a message and send it encrypted to another mobile device using the AskKey mobile app. You compose the message and encrypt it using your S-Code. The message is then transmitted to the target mobile device, travelling all the way in encrypted form. The recipient then, using AskKey mobile app and his own S-Code, decrypts and reads the incoming message.

AS IS, AskKey app can receive encrypted AskKey messages and can send a limited number of encrypted messages to other smart phones. During the registration process AskKey Server creates for you a user account in LocoSMS Messaging Service and adds 10 SMS credits for trial. After registration you will receive the registration acknowledgement, the server name and user name of your account in an encrypted AskKey message. Use your S-Code to view it. Your S-Code is the password of your account. When sending out AskKey encrypted messages you consume SMS credits from your LocoSMS account. You can buy extra credits from LocoSMS.

You can use the comprehensive Web UI of LocoSMS to either send plain SMS messages or secure AskKey messages.

You can change your S-Code whenever you wish. You may have up to five failed attempts per day. You may read all the previously stored encrypted messages using your old password.

Your stored messages may not be decrypted if you change your password or the SIM card of your mobile device.

The size of the encrypted message uses an equivalent number of SMSes. If the encrypted message is
- up to 160 characters it uses one SMS,
- up to 306 characters it uses two SMSes
- up to 918 characters it uses six SMSes

AskKey sends a message via an established Internet connection or via SMS. In the first case the sent message will consume credits of your account at LocoSMS. In the later there will be additional charge by your operator for the SMS. If you have registered in UK or Greece using a SIM card of a local mobile operator, SMSes will be charged according to your operator's local rates. In any other case you will be charged international SMS rates. The recipient receives the message in SMS form.

You acknowledge that anyAskKey may only be used for lawful purposes. AskKey also complies with the Terms of Use of LocoSMS service as these can be viewed at and Privacy Policy at .

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Requires OS: 4.0 and up

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