Mega Yang 楊燦龍
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 目的宗旨
1. 做一個食安POS系統APP,從銷售食品店家與餐廳著手。
2. 任何商家或個人居家可以使用POS App 成為餐廳,用自己的廚房銷售自己的拿手菜。
3. 連結食品藥物管理署的廠商合格名單,以及「食品追溯」(food traceability)依日本工業標準(JIS)之定義是指食品與相關資訊在生產、加工、流通、銷售的每一階段中,都可以向上游或下游追溯(trace or trace back) 與追蹤 (track or trace forward) 查詢。將「可追蹤」與「可回溯」之概念,建構於食品衛生安全體系中成為一種管理制度,就是所謂的「加工食品追溯」,為了能讓這樣的制度能符合資訊追溯的即時需求,故另外一個重點就是透過電子技術使資訊透明且能即時呈現。檢查所有餐廳店家的菜單所使用的材料是否有經過「食品追溯」體系,讓消費者清楚看到標示與價格間做選擇。
4. 同時讓有特色菜的區域小店、拿手菜的婆婆媽媽、跟社區互動很好的柑仔店、專業技能的先生爸爸......以社區為煮的專業良心服務者,能有跟麥當勞、7-11一樣的系統,我們把金流物流社群分享組織會員都建好,還有面銷售系統POS。
5. 他們只要專注把產品服務作好、用愛心良心做事,其他我們來幫他們作。
6. 要讓現有唯利是圖的體系改變幾乎不可能,但讓愛心爸媽、良心商店起來是有可能,讓良幣除劣幣的循環發生是有可能

 object and purpose
1. do a fresh install POS systems APP, proceed from the sale of food stores and restaurants.
2. Any businesses or individuals can use the POS App become home restaurant, with its own kitchen to sell their signature dish.
3. Links Food and Drug Administration's list of qualified vendors, as well as the definition according to the Japanese Industrial Standards (JIS) "food traceability" (food traceability) refers to the food and related information in the production, processing, distribution and sales of each stage, can and track (track or trace forward) upstream or downstream traceability (trace or trace back) query. The "traceability" and "going back" concept, the construct as a management system for food hygiene and safety system, the so-called "processed food traceability", in order to make such a system can meet the immediate needs of traceability information, so in addition A key point is to make information transparent and can be instantly rendered through electronic technology. Check the store's restaurant menus all materials used whether through "food traceability" system, allowing consumers to see clearly marked with a price to choose between.
4. At the same time there are specialties of the region so that shops, specialty food sentimental, good interaction with the community Ganzi Dian, Mr. Dad ...... professional skills of community conscience service professional cook who could have with McDonald's, 7-11 the same system, we share the cash flow of logistics community organization members are built, as well as face sales system POS.
5. As long as they focus on the goods and services ready, conscience to do things with love, others we do to help them.
6. For the system to change the existing mercenary is almost impossible, but let love my parents, it is possible to store conscience, bad money to make good money in addition to the cycle is likely to occur

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Requires OS: 2.2 and up

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