CMAS Cloud Database Automation
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Note that the screenshots are just samples. The app will show fields, colors, titles, hierarchy, table relations, lists, searches and other aspects exactly the way you set them up on the web interface. The layout is similar on tablets.

CMAS offers organizations and people a DIY web application that gives a non-technical person the ability to build a powerful data driven application that fits their exact needs. There is no need for coding, having to spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a bloated system or live with the limitations of spreadsheets. Create an enterprise grade application without having to spend a fortune or wait for months/years to develop it. CMAS is equipped with tools capable of handling the most complex processes. The system is very affordable and is even free for small organizations.

Import your data from your spreadsheets or database, and CMAS will create a database based on your spreadsheet. CMAS can also parse your data and automatically create charts, your commonly used lists, drop down lists, pivot tables and much more.

CMAS will manage your workflow exactly the way you want it. It will also automate multiple steps to be executed with the press of a button, your own button. For example, with one click update status for a customer, enter a date, and send them a customized mail merged email informing them of the change.

Visualize your data on a record-by-record basis, not just a pie or bar chart, but as a process and a flow chart. With one glimpse, you can see the steps a customer went through in a way that follows your business needs.

The free mobile app allows employees in your organization to remotely manage records, search information, enter data and much more from a powerful app that will match your customized setup. Customize the colors and look of your app and even have multiple apps to accommodate different employees.

The system does not stop there. CMAS is also a website builder allowing you to build HTML5 websites that can include Dynamic Data Widgets. With CMAS, you can publish your database on your website (as you see fit) in a fully-fledged content management system. It allows activities such as your clients looking up their account information, job applicants submitting an application online and much more. Create a flow chart of your process, and see it automatically transformed into a wizard that guides your customers online. Static widgets are also available for fixed text, pictures, maps, etc.

CMAS can be used in more ways than you can imagine. Track and manage (individually or as a combination) cases, permits, inventories, projects, sales, assets, licenses, support issues, rentals, properties, documents, or HR. A multitude of industries such as hospitality, construction, health care, real estate, or automotive, can have their specialized applications.

The flexibility of CMAS allows you to easily achieve an important feat; integrating different departments and allowing them to communicate and work in unison. The flexibility allows you to quickly and easily adapt to continually changing business environment.

It’s easy to get started. Use the system for free or start a trial. We have many templates you can choose from, you can also build your own from scratch using CMAS. If you need more information, contact us at

The best person to build your business application is you, and now you can with CMAS!

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Requires OS: 2.3 and up

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