MyProTec phone tablet laptop
1.0 Varies with device
Use a technology that was developed for space travel, to make materials more resistant.
This patented technology is completely new! Fantastic new Product categories are developed and made available.
The first available product is MY PRO TEC
for your phone, tablet, navigation system or a laptop.

Compressing your smartphone with MY PRO TEC you will increase the resale value of your phone tremendously.
Risks that your phone will be broken, will be reduced to a minimum.
Up to 600% more resistant !!!
Virtualy no bacteria on your screen!
Fingerprints and smeared surfaces will be gone with wipe.
No more complicated cases, bags and protectors!

One question:
Can you show a video or send a Whatsapp message or SMS to others?
Then you are able to earn money with MY PRO TEC!
The company´s goalis to change the network marketing industry. It’s time for a sustainable system, that will exclude all relevant reasons for a failure. Beginning of course, with a very lucrative compensation plan!
Join now as a partner!


The SALES BONUS is this special bonus, that each partner in Networkmarketing has been waiting for. It rewards ACTIVE and PASSIVE with a monthly income.

For each product ordered to will get PV PRODUCT VOLUME POINTS!
It does not matter who orders a product in your FIRST THREE LEVELS, you always will get the points. Each point is worth € 1.00 and will be paid at the end of the month.

To be eligible for this Bonifikation, you need even only 2 PV per month (that is one product).

To register you have to order at least one pack of 3 towels (29€ plus tax and delivery), this will give you the Bonifikations-rights for equal amounts of months. Even with only one line you are entitled to get this bonus. With only one line you are eligible for the first 3 levels for the SALES BONUS. A single person can earn thousands of euros a month.

Once you reached the position * 1 * STAR , you will be qualified for STAR BONUS I . You are always settled at the career level that you have achieved in the accounting period. Even as * 1 * STAR You need only one line with 500 PV (250 Nano-Protect towels). You need only 2 PV to be entitled to this bonus.
The higher your career level will be, the higher your STAR BONUS I. This grows up to 5 Euros per NANO PROTECT Pack. If one partner also reached a career level in your team, the bonus will be
divided up. If you are as A *** 3 *** STAR and STAR BONUS +4 € I (depending 2PV) entitled and one partner is * 1 * STAR, thus for +2 € STAR BONUS I (depending 2PV) you are entitled to get the difference of 2 €.


With the STAR BONUS II accesses another exciting Bonifikation. This allows investments in partners career levels. This bonus pays off even at higher level-partners. You will get this bonus at the stage ** 2 ** STAR . This supports therefore the development of further partners in career levels. This bonus pays 6 LEVELS deep .
Once you achieved the career stage *** 3 *** STAR, you will get a SHARE oft he WORLDPOOL. If you will reach the level of WLM DIAMOND You will receive a 3 pice share of the WORLDPOOL. For each *** 3 *** STAR that will follow out of your team, you`ll get another share. For every DIAMOND that follows , you will receive two additional shares.

Content rating: Everyone

Requires OS: 4.0 and up

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