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Atmospheric water is water produced from air by a specialized device and technology.

Our Atmospheric Water Generators are called IerWaata Generators and is a mechanical device that uses condensing and other technologies to extract water from the humidity in the filtered air. The produced water is filtered and purified in a twelve (12) stage process. The result is pure drinking water from t air. This method is often referred to “air water”, or “atmospheric water.

The source is sustainable and non-depletable as at any given moment in time there is 12,900 cubic kilometres, a minute available. It is weather proof, drought proof, is chemical and hormone residue free. It is Expandable, modular, scalable, quickly deployed. Has the capability to sustain governments, organizations and keep them relevant. It water-secure countries, inhibit water wars from up-stream inconsiderations and all expenses are controllable and virtually predictable given the energy sources utilised, with near zero operation costs and flat maintenance costs over the lifetime of the product, with no damage to environments.

NeauIerWaata technologies is an enhanced water cycle-like operation suitable at the “now-need-now” pace of 21st century lifestyle, when and where it is needed affordably. Our IEGs works as humidity and temperature activated device. What this means is that device working mechanism is triggered by the humidity and relative temperature to work, the higher the humidity the better the performance. Our IEGs can create water at 0 degrees and 25% relative humidity, which is currently the lowest performance index in the industry. We are one of only two companies that has the technologies to scale to very large units capable of generating millions of gallons per day for city applications.

nEauIerWaata is the Air Water Division Of IKRIMAHPLC PTE LTD. We are early believers and adapters to atmospheric water, our personal association goes back twenty years and our business is since 2000. In this operation we provide water solutions to a select demographic in a four tiered process, either as (a) Country Representative; (b) Country Special Project Operations; or (c) Country Facilitator and (d) End-User Recommender

Our competence in the business water solutions and resource management spans the gap in the developmental processes and quality mission critical practices which are the stock in trade of individuals, business, industries, and countries. It is in this capacity that we provide our brand of atmospheric water products in selected regions of the Caribbean, South East Asia, parts of Oceania, parts of the Middle-East and the OIC Countries.

Our nEauIerWaata Water Consultancy provides opportunities and products through custom programs and interventions with specific benefits and specific performance deliverables under prescribed conditions in a roll-out that involves patented water systems, best In class water support; best in accountable business process and responsible, product/life sales engagement and benefits to all demographics in clear specific ways. Politicians and administrators in government benefits from a water partnership to provide the resource to constituents where it’s needed and practically ensures a longer political tenure.

Organizations, benefit from a partnership with us and implementation over-delivers on its mandate to provide potable water resources on a timely basis and removes the fear of losing relevance in the short term.
Individuals adoption and recommendation underscores heavily his continuing importance in the operations of his employer, agency or Cause celebre as being worthy of his position in delivering on the many investment value in their association and collaboration.

For the constituents and community, a healthier, more productive lifestyle with more productive up-time options and less water-related anxieties and medical expenses.

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