GEOfielder - a prototype
NTier Software Engineering
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GEOfielder, a prototype/proof of concept, is a smart-phone GIS app for enterprises that maintain ground based assets e.g. :
• Energy distribution/transmission lines
• Street lights, signs, roads, potholes
• Telephone poles
• Railroads
• Pipelines
• Transformers
• Cell towers, etc.
Combining the GPS onboard sensor (and other sensors) with maps to report locational (latitude, longitude, elevation = xyz = 3D) data, sound, images, video, and field staff annotations (voice, text) securely to the corporate database.

“Integrity Management” is a multi-billion (trillion?) $ industry. Utilities, large organizations, and governments need to track their assets and correlate events happening to such. Correlation leads to spatial/proximity analyses leads to improved prioritization resulting in timely cost-worthy maintenance.
But tracking and matching the two has been difficult. Many/most fail to correlate the event (e.g. a gas leak) to the asset (the gas pipe) and finally to the map. Additionally, sensor equipment is non-standard and highly diverse. It’s too expensive to develop/maintain numerous software interfaces.

Industries need their field personnel to communicate but don’t want them carrying various, expensive, difficult, fragile, obsolete devices.

Standard smart phones are distributed to field staff as common corporate policy.


Content rating: Everyone

Requires OS: 4.1 and up

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