QuikFynd, Inc.
2.0.2 Varies with device
QuikFynd is a companion mobile application for the QuikFynd server deployed on your devices such as a NAS device. Your data is everywhere and growing fast. Whether it's your kids photos, your work documents, or the music that you share with your friends, you keep your data on your devices. But it's hard to keep track of it all. To find a file, you end up opening and closing multiple files. But QuikFynd makes it easy for you. After you install QuikFynd Search server on your NAS device, it begins to create a fully searchable index of your data and you can easily find your files by performing full text search across your documents. All of your data and the search index is stored on your own device, so QuikFynd solution is the ultimate solution for your data privacy concerns. Now you don't have to remember where you saved your last happy hour photo or your latest sales presentation. Just QuikFynd it!

We have also added support for cloud storage services. So, you can find data across Google Drive, Dropbox, OneDrive as well as your NAS using a single keyword search. We search everywhere so that you can find your data quickly without logging into multiple account.

Key Features:

Cloud Search: Search multiple Google Drive accounts, or Dropbox or OneDrive accounts simultaneously.

Data Privacy: Your data and the search index always remain on your own devices, so you know that your data is not subject to any privacy concerns

Beautifully Designed: QuikFynd user interface is beautifully designed for you to enjoy data stored on your from your mobile phone or tablet, anytime, everywhere

Auto Organization: Your data is automatically organized into common categories such as Images, Documents, Music so you have instant access to your data without browsing through folders

Name & Meta Search: You can easily find you files by just typing a keyword and QuikFynd will search for file names, folder names or even meta tags in your files for the matching keyword

Full Text Search: QuikFynd analyzes text and other meta data in your documents so that you can just type a keyword and QuikFynd will find matching files for you.

Search By Location: QuikFynd translates GPS information from your images to friendly location based information so that you just type “Paris” and it will find pictures from your dream vacation.

Search Text in Images: QuikFynd even understands text in your images so now you can search your scanned documents as simply as typing a keyword.

Results Highlighting: Not only QuikFynd can find right files for you, it highlights matching text so that you can open the right document the very first time.

Search History: Sometimes you look for same information over and over again. QuikFynd remembers your previous searches, so you don’t even have to type a single word. A single click will do

Recent Items: Items you most recently access are always at your fingertips so you can use them quickly. Did we mention quick?

Stream Data over Local Network: QuikFynd can stream data from your devices to your mobile phone or tablets. Even large files can be easily accessed over your high bandwidth WiFi network in seconds without you incurring any carrier data bandwidth charges

Remote Streaming of your Media: Built in Audio/Video streaming lets you enjoy stored media on your NAS from your favorite mobile device. So, put on your headphones or pair it with your car stereo, your music is always with you.

Secure Remote Access: QuikFynd's proprietary technology offers you super strong remote access to your devices behind your router/firewall without opening any incoming ports.

With QuikFynd you keep your data Private and Secure and access it securely.

Content rating: Everyone

Requires OS: 4.0 and up

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