Roll Call Events
Broderick Innovations Ltd.
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Roll Call is an app based alternative entry system that improves the efficiency of party/event entry for all i.e. Guests, Gate Keeper, Event Manager. Roll Call achieves this by incorporating & utilising Facebook in its functionality. It enables a guests identity to be quickly verified resulting in faster entry as well as heightened security, thus reducing the risk of gate crashers and unwanted guests gaining entry.

How it works?

The information gathered from the event managers Facebook can be used by Gate Keepers to identify wether a person claiming to be invited to an event is genuinely invited or is a gate crasher. Using visual comparisons between the Profile Pictures of the attendee compared with the similarity to the pictures of the person claiming to be invited will 9/10 times allow a Gate Keeper to make a decision on wether to allow someone into the event. If there is still uncertainty wether the person trying to gain entry to the event is invited or not, its possible to access some pre downloaded basic information personal to the attendee; Date of Birth, Place of Work, Relationship Status etc. Using this information the bouncer can quickly quiz an attendee and determine if the person is who they claim.

What's the catch?

The app is downloaded by 2 parties; the event manager and the bouncer, that being said it is vital I point out that only the event manager pays for the app, the bouncer merely downloads it from the app store (which is free). Although the app is free to download from the respective app stores, in order to access a functioning Roll Call Events account the event manger must pay £0.99/month. An infinite number of events can be managed within the 30 days from the date of account activation, once expired, either re-activate the account or don't, save your money and wait for a time when your planning on hosting another event.


Gate Crashers - The possibility of a gate crasher gaining entry to any event is an issue which plagues the mind of all gate keepers, event managers, as well as any other affected parties. The issues with gate crashers vary depending on the event, but simply not knowing who is at an event can cause complications, including lack of accountability and traceability to guest who ‘cause trouble’. Roll Call Events in theory will block any and all gate crashers who approach the gate keeper under a false identity.

Speed of Entry - Having guest waiting in long queues is not ideal for anyone, especially in a country with as temperamental weather as Britain. By having a pre-downloaded digital guest list off of Facebook available to gate keepers the speed at which guest will be ‘checked in’ will be much quicker when utilising the built in search bar, as apposed to the traditional method, multiple A4 sheets of alphabetically ordered printed names & a highlighter.

Content rating: Everyone

Requires OS: 3.0 and up

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