SmartCircle Display
RTF Global Inc
2.81 Varies with device
Important notes for users:
• This application is intended to work ONLY within the SmartCircle network!
• SmartCircle Display is designed for business purposes (in retail store ) and should not be used by end users without SmartCircle subscription
• This app can protect the Settings of the device to prevent customers from changing configurations. If it is configured, it will require you to type a security PIN to access the settings screen.
• This app can protect the Google Play store app of the device. If it is configured, it will require you to type your PIN to access the settings screen.
• You can remotely manage SmartCircle Display configuration by logging into
• This app could change the audio settings (volume) on the device and may lock the screen by going on top of other apps
• This app may be used for advertisement purposes to show video or picture content
• This app also uses WiFi, GPS location and CPU while running in the background, and therefore can dramatically decrease battery life. It is highly recommended that devices running this app remain charging at all times
• This app requires to be activated as Device administrator

✔ SmartCircle Display enables you to configure, monitor, secure, and support the devices on retail displays
✔ Real-time monitoring and communicating with other SmartCircle devices on display
✔ Enhance hardware security by providing software alarm triggers such as SIM card, power cord, or headphone removal
✔ Collect data such as battery levels, network details, Wi-Fi MAC, interactions and transmit them to cloud based server regularly
✔ The SmartCircle Display application can be armed using a personal four digit PIN code selected by the user during the initial configuration. To exit the application, use the PIN from configuration by touching clockwise four corners of the screen starting from top left corner
✔ Application tracks GEO location and can email its position to a specified email address
✔ Capability to send email and/or SMS notifications on desired triggers, like alarms
✔ Monitors for headphone removal, power removal, WiFi loss, SIM card removal
✔ Saves images and log files to SD card and transmit them to metrics server regularly
✔ Displays videos and/or images located on the SD card or local storage
✔ Starts automatically after starting/restarting the device
✔ Monitors network state, WiFi state, broadcast and multicast network and records WiFi signal strength
✔ Monitors top level activity to detect global screen touch events
✔ Prevents unauthorized access to settings activity and google play activity
✔ Communicates with backend server and with peer devices
✔ Prevents CPU and WiFi from sleep mode to keep device always running
✔ Disable screen lock
✔ Takes pictures when an alarm is triggered and then upload them to cloud server
✔ Keeps the volume on maximum if an alarm is triggered and sound is enabled
✔ Shows on top of other tasks when playing media and if an alarm is triggered
✔ Keeps device from going to sleep mode (awake)
✔ Device administrator - if enabled it is used to help prevent direct uninstall of the app

Explanation of Permissions:
• Read state and identity - used to detect device ID and for SIM card removal feature
• Send SMS messages - used in several features (see above)
• Take pictures and videos - used with alarm screen (see above)
• Approximate location - used for several security features (see above)
• Modify or delete the content on your SD card - used to save metrics logs and save pictures
• Disable your lock screen - used to keep device always on
• Connect and disconnect from WiFi - used to ensure constant connectivity
• Reorder running apps - used to keep device on top if it is in state “idle”
• Display system-level alerts - used to detect global screen touch events
• Allow WiFi multicast reception - used to detect other SmartCircle enabled devices
• Change audio settings - used with several security features (see above)

Content rating: Everyone

Requires OS: 2.3 and up

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