Shayfak Solution
Shayfak is a unique solution for strong user identification and authentication, able to interface with countless innovative applications.
Shayfak is an innovative state of the art solution with highly cost-effective features for various applications in diverse market segments - delivered by IceCube Technologies.
Shayfak solution utilizes dedicated, highly secure layered and patented protocol and process to communicate between Shayfak solution, smart mobile devices, organizations and logical identities, thus protecting the threatened cyberspace environment from various security scenarios, such as man-in-the-middle attacks, phishing attempts, etc.
These unique patented protocol and processes combine several encryption and protection mechanisms such as SSL, AES encryption, SHA1 hashing, Public/Private Keys and other sophisticated algorithms.
Shayfak solution delivers a variety of new innovative features:
 Geolocation Verification
 ‘SnapIt’: Login Without a Username/Password
 Integrated Biometrics
 Geolocation-Based Proof-of-Presence
 Parental Control
 Beacon Proximity Authentication
Shayfak solution helps increase effectiveness and improve efficiency in diverse market segments, with proven feasibility and immediate benefits to organizations, such as finance and banking, online payments, customer support centers, enterprise systems (internal & external users), academic institutions, and healthcare.
Shayfak solution is easy and simple to use. The user is only required to download the free Shayfak authentication application from the relevant application store, then follow a quick registration process using a QR-code or an 8-digit random PIN, delivered through a website or in print. This code pairs the user’s smart device with any logical entity such as websites, infrastructure components, services, etc.
Whenever user identification is required, for example to confirm an online payment or to access a system securely, Shayfak solution enforces a secure identification process. To prevent fraud by theft of personal user credentials, the user must confirm or decline the authentication request, together with any additional attributes (location restrictions, membership in a group, biometric data, etc.).

Content rating: Everyone

Requires OS: 4.0.3 and up

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