1.14 Varies with device
**此App需搭配 TotalFileGuard Key Server 使用**

+ 多國語言:英、繁中、簡中、日
+ 搭配 App 密碼鎖,方便自動登入及離線使用
1. 設定好金鑰伺服器後,App解鎖時會自動登入。
2. 閒置超過5分鐘,App將會上鎖。
3. 上鎖時間可調整:永不、5分、10分、15分、20分
4. 解鎖失敗三次,會刪除儲存的金鑰資料。
5. 金鑰伺服器無法連線時,如有之前儲存的金鑰資料,將轉為離線使用。
6. 離線使用 - 需從金鑰來控制離線可使用時間
+ 登入金鑰伺服器狀態下,可選取加密檔案及拍照。
+ 登入金鑰伺服器狀態下,可更改使用者密碼;透過AD認證登入將無法更改密碼。
+ 檔案管理功能,可刪除、更名及排序顯示。
+ 可由雲端儲存下載檔案(支援Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive)
+ 可由WebDAV, Ftp, SMB下載檔案
+ 支援 AD 登入認證(需對應 WebService v3.0.0.2 之後版本)
+ 支援 新格式的 TSP(需由TSPrinter v2.3.00 之後版本所產生)

PS. 觀看檔案需另外安裝 TFG Reader,開啟檔案時會自動導引至Google Play安裝頁面。

** This App with TotalFileGuard Key Server need to use **

+ Multi-language: English, Traditional Chinese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese
+ With App password lock, automatic login and convenient offline
1. After setting the key server will automatically sign in App unlocked.
2. idle for more than five minutes, App will be locked.
3. The adjustable locking time: Never, 5 min, 10 min, 15 min, 20 min
4. Unlock fail three times, it will delete key data storage.
5. Key server can not connect, key information if previously saved, will be converted to offline.
6. offline - required from key to control offline use of time
+ Sign next key server status, you can select to encrypt files and photographs.
+ Sign key server state, the user can change the password; you can not change your password to sign in via AD authentication.
+ File management functions, you can delete, rename, and sort display.
+ Cloud storage can download the file (support Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive)
+ By WebDAV, Ftp, SMB file download
+ Supports AD login credentials (required correspondence after WebService v3.0.0.2 version)
+ Supports the new format TSP (need generated by the TSPrinter after v2.3.00 version)

PS. Watch archives need to install TFG Reader, when you open the file will automatically be directed to Google Play installation page.

Content rating: Everyone

Requires OS: 4.0.3 and up

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