Alarm_Sms Remote Lite
1.9 Varies with device
!!! Version Lite !!!
Not all commands are available for this download full version (Paid).

You've broken your remote control and you must call your installer to provide you with a new ,
but it will take several days

or you do not have batteries in your remote control and you do not have time to go buy ,

or you want to simplify your life and use your mobile as a remote control ,

then download this application ...
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To download this application, make sure your alarm system supports GSM "SMS" command and your alarm system is configured to receive .
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You can choose between two uses :
- Either you use the user commands that you enter yourself.
- Or, you use predefined commands for the DSC alarms with the option card " Transmitter
GSM GS2060 / GS2065 or TL260GS / TL265GS (Country : France, England, Spain and Portugal) . "

Your alarm is :
- Alarm management of all brands with GSM "SMS" commands:
- Fill in the fields of user commands to the application you want to use, with
commands provided with your alarm (see your documentation ) .
Ex : ( Armament, Disarmament, Arming , or other ... )
- Enter the phone number of the SIM card is in your alarm.
- Enter the password "User".
- Choose the order in which the SMS is to be sent: ( (command) (user) ) or ( (user) (command) ).

- DSC with optional card
" GSM transmitter GS2060 / GS2065 or TL260GS / TL265GS (Country : France, England, Spain and Portugal) " :
If your installer (or you) has not changed the origins "SMS" command and it has set up your alarm
to accept commands by "SMS ", you can use this application very easily, since it is
already configured by default with the controls origins DSC (France, England, Spain and Portugal).
Commands DSC FR: "armement total", "désarmement", "armement partiel", "etat démandé", "aide".
Commands DSC EN: "stay arm", "disarm", "away arm", "status request", "help".
Commands DSC SP: "armado ausente", "desarmar", "armado presente", "solicitud de estado", "ayuda".
Commands DSC PT: "arme ausente", "desarmar", "arme presente", "solicitação de estado", "ayuda".
- Enter the phone number of your SIM card that is in the center (GSM card).
- Enter the password "User".
If the origins commands have been modified , use the choices user commands.

You are now ready to use "Alarm Sms Remote " to control your alarm system.

We hope you enjoy using ...
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!!! WARNINGS !!!
Sending "SMS" from your mobile or from your SIM card alarm ( responding to your commands ) to your packages may incur additional charges by your service provider.

7ty2Soft is not responsible for the additional cost of sending "SMS" and your use of the application " Remote Alarm Sms " .
You can in no way claim a refund 7ty2Soft , the costs of such consumption "SMS , some manner whatsoever .
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If you encounter problems with the application or control of your alarm, you can contact me by email and I will do my best to help you solve your problems.

Email correspondence in French , otherwise email translated with " Google Translate " .

You can also email me orders other alarms that Allow GSM "SMS" orders backgrounds, to integrate them into the application ( make, model, country of use , origins commands).
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!!! If you do not want to appear in the "TAG" list, thank you for letting me know by email and I will take it off you !!!

Content rating: Everyone

Requires OS: 4.0 and up

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