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Video Cards
This will be the new ever lasting name for business cards from now on. From today no one will have a business card any more. This name will vanish for the rise of Video Cards. Get your self into the summit of the future and make your own video Card. Your video card is simply from now on what you are. Do you remember your old business card? Do you remember what you used to have on it? Just forget all that right now. From now on when any one in asks you for your business card tell them I will send you my video card.
In 5 simple easy clicks you can make and spread all over the planet your card. In 5 simple clicks you and your business will come to the service. In 5 simple and easy clicks any one can see your products and can know about your services.
1) down load the Application
2) choose to open a new profile
3) write down your personal data ( Title,Gender,Name,Telephone number,Country,City,Address,GPS location of the office or company,Email,Job and service you give,additional informations)
4) choose the back ground of the card
5) take a picture or tape a video of your self that carries the most important message that you think would deliver to the world a clear picture about you and attach to your card as many pictures and videos as you want about all the products you sale and all the services you give. Then submit this card to the world.
Once you are done any one in the world can find you just by typing the Country, city and the job or service and you will pop up among the people who share with you the services you give or share your job. What makes you become number one in the search is the number of people who have subscribed to your card and the number of Like and good reviews you get from people who approached you and if you are encountered in the special offers of ( pop up First). Pop up first is a monthly subscription for a fee that might change according to the number of people competing you in your city and your job to Pop up first.
In your video card you can choose not to have subscribers and not to have followers and not to have comments and reviews from followers but this will weaken your video card. The more followers and good comments you have the more strong your video Card will get and the more flare of your business you will get. Get the videoCards now and reach to every one in the planet and become reachable. Go to the surface and leave the bottom. Your success is only one click away from you. Make it happen now and down load the Video Cards App and let your business fly and let people know that you're here.

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Requires OS: 2.3.3 and up

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