The 7 Awareness
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One of the keys to transform lives for the better is to "AWARENESS". Aware of who we are, aware of where we came from, and aware of where we're going in life.

Our everyday life has been so automatic that reduces our awareness in many aspects. Have you ever realized that you're breathing? Without awareness, it will be hard to improve the quality of our lives.

Naqoy invite you train 7 awareness within us that can turn us from GOOD to GREAT. Through training, books, and applications of The 7 Awareness, you'll be invited to become a better human being and the full AWARENESS. Love Hamesya ......

Why seven? That's a frequently asked question to Naqoy, a trainer called "The Speaker of Awareness". Number 7 he found while he was reading the Al-Quran that reads, "Allah created the seven heavens ....".

At that time, Naqoy as eye opened his mind and heart and see that 7 is a spiritual number. From number 7 also he remembered the term chakras. There are seven chakras and seven soul (spirit). That number ended up being a turning point for training Naqoy.

Number 7 becomes a door that can not be separated from one another and it becomes stages of awareness of every man to be a man above the average. By training and instilling any awareness in life, we will be better able to accept ourselves and live joyfully, making life more meaningful for ourselves and others.

The Seven Stages of Awareness are: THINKING, SILENCE, SUCCESS, SOUL, WISDOM, VISION, SURRENDER. Surrender and sincerity are the culmination of which we can draw nearer to God, The Creator.

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