Streams System
2.1 Varies with device
Grouper是部署於您企業內部的行動通訊軟體。因此,您的企業必須具備有效授權的Grouper Server,才能正常運作。同時,您個人也必須擁有Grouper帳戶,才能使用此應用程式。如果您不確定帳戶的狀態,請連絡您企業的系統管理員。

Grouper擁有創新全球的行動郵件交談 (Chat with e-mail) 功能,可以大幅提升您的企業與顧客、以及協力廠商的溝通效率。Grouper提供通訊錄、交談、我的工作、行動郵件、最新訊息、以及行事曆等六大功能。


- 兼具傳輸安全(SSL)與訊息加密的雙重安全機制。
- 創新的 Chat with e-mail,讓企業與顧客、以及協力廠商之間可以使用e-mail進行交談。
- 可傳送文字、照片、影片、錄音、位置、行事曆、動畫、以及文件(Office、PDF)。
- 創新的檔案總管,可運用於寄信時的加入附件、以及交談時的傳送文件。
- 可依部門別與權限等級傳送最新訊息。
- 支援關鍵績效指標(KPI),並提供傳送與互動的功能。

Grouper is deployed in your enterprise mobile communications software. Therefore, your business must have a valid authorization Grouper Server, in order to work properly. At the same time, you must also have Grouper personal account in order to use this application. If you are unsure of the status of your account, please contact your company's system administrator.

Grouper with innovative global action mail conversation (Chat with e-mail) function, you can dramatically improve your business with customers, vendors and third-party communication efficiency. Grouper provide contacts, conversations, my work, action messages, the latest news, as well as other six calendar functions.

Grouper support key performance indicators (KPI) corporate functions, so you can transfer key performance indicators at your fingertips, and by real-time chat support, enhance communication and efficiency of the operation of the enterprise.

Main features:
- Both the Transport Security (SSL) encryption and message double safety mechanisms.
- Innovative Chat with e-mail, so that companies and customers, as well as between third-party vendors can use the e-mail conversation.
- You can send text, photos, videos, audio, location, calendar, animation, and documents (Office, PDF).
- Innovative file manager, send a letter when adding accessories can be applied, and the conversation when transferring files.
- Do not transfer department to follow the latest news and permission levels.
- Support for key performance indicators (KPI), and provides transmission and interactive features.

Content rating: Everyone

Requires OS: 4.1 and up

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