Candor - Make Work Better
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Candor is a secure application that enables employees to share honest feedback, opinions, and thoughts about work, all anonymously - we encrypt the minimal identifiable information we receive to ensure that anonymity is protected, and we do not store logs.

Benefits to employees:

Be heard:
Anonymity gives all employees an equal voice within the company. Whether you are an intern or a manager, Candor insures that your feedback and ideas are judged on their own merit and not on your social standing or designation in the company.

Be your true self:
The work environment often requires one to put on a 'professional façade’. It makes one hesitant to share constructive, often critical, feedback, or even ask pressing questions, openly. Well, using Candor you can keep things real at work without running the risk of being judged or rather misjudged by others.

Gain unanimous support:
The anonymous voting feature on the app makes Candor a great platform for testing ideas, initiatives and opinions. Employees can easily garner support for their ideas, such that they catch attention of management and are implemented in the company.

Benefits to Employers/Managers

Enrich employee participation on surveys
Good ideas/feedback could come from anyone in the company. Anonymity on Candor serves to level the playing field and ensures that even the most hesitant of participants chime in with ideas and feedback. Moreover, as more employees use Candor, managers can push anonymous surveys that have high engagement and response rates.

Don't wait to hear through the grapevine:
One of the biggest problems that plague organizations today is employee churn-rate. Using Candor you can learn about the causes of employee dissatisfaction. Employees raise issues and provide feedback in realtime, allowing employers to act promptly, upkeep the work environment, and drive retention within the company.

While anonymity of the creator of posts is strictly protected, we run analysis on the content to prepare meaningful reports for you such as analyzing sentiments across departments, employee satisfaction, trending issues and suggested solutions. We provide these reports on a quarterly basis to you have a strong sense of the overall health of the organization.

Content rating: Everyone

Requires OS: 4.0 and up

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