Imagine Inventions
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Do you need creative ideas? Do you want to create games for school? How about mobile apps? Games for PC? Games for Xbox, PSP, Nintendo, Wii or just about any gaming consoles? Do you get creativeblocks? Is your child or students disengaged and not wanting to learn?

As a teacher or student wouldn't it be great if you could always create both digital and hands on games! To always have ideas for just about any games or play based learning! This proven system is not just designed for inventing games but is designed to create games based on your own personal preference! If you love science or are thinking about a Science topic , you will end up creating a science game!

Imagine if you can create something from thin air and then filter that idea using a secret formula; a proven system that truly works - to create games or seriously - just about any invention!

And how nice would it, be too slowly transform disengaged learners into not just learning but loving the process of learning! imagine if they started to enjoy classroom lessons; they participate, with not just eagerness, but with passion, because they love learning! And that applies if you are a student as well. The only reason why you are not enjoying learning is because nobody can teach you except you. You must be the maker of your knowledge.

But do you worry about not being able to create games, not just because you are not familiar with the system but because the system might not work well for you? Well, first stop being negative and remind yourself how tough it was to master subjects that you could not handle or are not familiar with? Everything takes time and loads of practise - However! THIS SYSTEM - this SECRET FORMULA is designed to ensure that you will succeed - the first time! Not second, not with practise, but the very first time and on the spot during the workshop where we teach you how to use the system, properly and effectively!

We are so sure that you and your students or you and your child or children, will be EXPLODING with IDEAS! Finally you are going to be able to create games because you have proper structures; a proven scientific system - an 8 step invention formula that is backed with 2 sub formulas to ensure that you cannot and will not FAIL!

If this system didn't work - it would have never been endorsed by a Doctor in Education from U.S.A, an English, Dance and Drama Teacher from New Zealand and NEVER by The Ministry of Education, Singapore! BUT IT IS! This system or secret formula is truly a holistic, experiential, constructivist, scientifically proven idea generating system! With lesson plans created using 21st Century Teaching Skills! You will be amazed at how simple but truly effective this program will be for you!

What do the top MNCs look for? Other than the standard qualifications? People who can solve problems (innovate), create ideas (imagine and innovate) and most importantly sell (present) their ideas confidently to their superiors! Everything listed above is featured and will be taught in our workshops - or what we call "a motivational conference for kids" In fact, (present) wasn't in but we decided to throw it in!

We want you to achieve TRUE SUCCESS and that is why we would like to invite you to this motivational conference that GUARANTEES! By the end of the conference you would have created a game of your preference! This motivational conference utilizes state of the art presentations; an educational multimedia show! For more information, pls click on the video below.

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